Epilogues: July 2022

Epilogues: July 2022

Show me your stars. Show me your stripes. Show me your scars from that most American of solemnities, Amazon Prime Day. (If you somehow escaped without an unexpected Echo, you are a stronger specimen than I.)

Show me your love for the cats, loud and large and juicy as a peach.

Actually, you already did. Show me again. (“Alexa: donate two million dollars to Tabby’s Place.”)

Always a show-off, July clowns around and covers us in sand and kittens. (Let the record clearly state that we are still awaiting actual sand kittens at Tabby’s Place, apparently five pounds of murderous freedom too cute for this earth.)

July introduced us to the oldest known galaxies in the universe.

July invited us to run up hills and cry freedom.

July jumped head-first into the pool of stories:

Arrived: Mojito, Daiquiri, Matzaball, Bisque, Gazpacho, Bouillon, Tallulah, Louie, Aoife, James, Chad, Finn, Clarke, Jasper, Clementine, Cassie, Chicken Salad (yes we have a cat named Chicken Salad, YES CHICKEN SALAD, YES LIFE IS ABSURD AND GLORIOUS, YES I AM YELLING), Harley

Adopted: Harold + Whitney + Hadley (YES! TOGETHER! SO MUCH REASON FOR YELLING THIS JULY!), Siesta (SIESTA!), Mary Jane; Suede, Cashmere, Morel, Veronica, Chaz, Mariah, Goose, Patrick, Catalina, Houston (HOUSTON, WE HAVE AN ADOPTION!), Kevin

Returned: Matteo

Bedazzled into the Development Office: Glenn

Promoted to the Lobby: Barney

Promoted to the role of Co-Executive Director/Jonathan Supervisor: Zelda (who begrudgingly shares the role with Honey, who begrudges her right back, in a shimmering sisterhood of begrudgery)

Promoted to Heaven: Bellamy, Perseus, Willem

Stuff We Learned: Life is a convoy, but we can handle all the potholes as long as we’re together, and Crinkle Bob is the lead car.

So let’s accost August with gusts of courage. Let’s shriek with joy for sand dollars and sand cats and Fla-Vor-Ice (arguably the inspiration for Churu treats) and the flavor of life. Just think of all the kittens we have yet to love.


Pictured from top to bottom: Siesta, Catalina, Houston, Hadley, Whitney

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  1. Hope that Gator is regaining his health – and yes, we can handle all the potholes in the path of life as long as there is a place like Tabby’s Place – where we can always find a purring cat to sit in our lap.

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