Epilogues: July 2018

Epilogues: July 2018

Be it known: beautiful things get missed much too often.

Case in point: Saturn just came really close to the moon. If we were looking, we could have seen four planets at once. Four. (Five, if you looked down at the one you were standing on.)

Case in second point: Minneapolis could have shut down a kid’s hot dog stand, but instead they helped him get a permit so he can sell ALL the hot dogs forever.

We missed these things when they happened. It’s OK. That happens. But woe to us if we ever miss the beautiful whiskered things all about us.

Yes, as a matter of fact, we do have a Fermented Litter. Miso has no shame, but he does have A Scared.

We avoided that fate in July, so here’s your monthly report:

Arrived: Diaz; Arnold; Gia; Firefly; River; Pierce; Miso; Kefir; Jax; Kimchi; Kombucha; Skipper; Melman; Kowalski; Mort; Hamilton; Figaro; Belle; Stockton

Adopted: Naava and Maeve (together); Fargo; Simba; Raymond & Louise (together); Rufus; Brownie; Tiana & Marlon (together); Blanche; Valkyrie; Rosebud; Tiger; Cammi; Dorothy; Mona; Venga & Noodle (together)

Returned: Rufus; Poppy; Andora; Dorothy, no, a different Dorothy

Graduated from the Kitten Room to Non-Kitten Rooms: CornPop; Sushi

Cleared from Quarantine: Leslie; Fate; Simon; Abe; Biscotti; Hemingway

Promoted to the Lounge: Shifty

Hemingway does not have A Scared. He does have A Gut and A ‘Tude and All The Awesome.

Promoted to the Lobby: Andora; Jonathan (pictured in top thumbnail; you’re welcome)

Promoted to the Community Room: Tink, for the purpose of sinking her shyness in a sea of smushy love

Promoted to Heaven: McNulty

August is upon us, awesome creatures. Take heed to heed the beauty and bizarreness all around you. Life is alive!


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  1. Jonathan! You do have a certain je ne sais quoi! Thank you for this update, it is always nice to see adoptions and also new arrivals! And McNulty, with your quirky look and big personality, we will miss you. Soyez bien, dear kitty.

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