Calling all Flossie fans

Calling all Flossie fans

It’s an anxious day at Tabby’s Place.

Flossie may be fading.

Details are misty at this hour, but our twinkle-toed tuxedo girl may be fighting her final battle, all too soon for our liking.

After what seemed like a happy recovery from her mystery illness, Flossie began having trouble breathing this week. We did everything known to man/woman/vet team to ease her discomfort, and some of it worked, for a short period of time.

This morning, though, it’s different.

The lovely little cat who asks nothing more from life than a little bit of love and a soft place to dream is asking for your thoughts and prayers and loving presence across the miles and WiFi today. Quite honestly, we don’t know if there’s anything more we can do for Flossie. At this hour, she’s on oxygen and receiving all the love and tender kisses she can hold.

If we can do more, we will.

If we can’t, we’ll do what love demands.

But I have to tell you, sometimes it feels like love demands entirely too much.

It’s startling, even after all these years, how quickly a cat can carve out an irreplaceable nook in your heart. Flossie has been at Tabby’s Place since February 14th — there are no coincidences — but the love she’s shared with us has been centuries in size.

So I’m sorry for this sad and scattered update. But I know that love places its own demands upon you, bravely huge-hearted ones, yes, even across the miles and WiFi. Whether or not you’ve walked into Tabby’s Place, whether or not you ever will, you dare to love and lose with us. If you’ve ever donated or prayed or wept with the Tabby’s Place cats and people, Flossie is yours, too.

We are all in merciful hands, whatever love’s demands.

I will keep you posted, dear ones.

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  1. Oh no! Flossie daily. Come on baby girl – one more rally and remission for all of us who have just begun to love you so much. We know you are in the best of hands – and we can’t help but pray for more time to Flossie daily. We love you.

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