Big attitude, bigger kidneys: prayers needed for Milo

Big attitude, bigger kidneys: prayers needed for Milo

MiloHis attitude: legendary.

His ego: colossal.

His kidneys: XXL. And that’s where it all stops being funny.

MiloI write with alarming news about our favorite big lug, ex-Community Cat Milo. You may recall that, several months back, Milo was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), with kidneys that would better fit a Great Dane’s body than that of a cat. The course of PKD can vary widely. And so (of course) we hoped with all our hearts for the best: years and years of Milo madness and Milo love.

As I type this post, I’m grateful to report that Milo is still very much with us. However, his colossal kidneys have clearly not gotten the memo to go slow. In just a few months, one of Milo’s kidneys has grown to an incredible degree. In the words of our wise vet tech – not an optimist, not a pessimist, just a bravely honest woman – Milo is highly unlikely to last long with a kidney this big.

With all due respect for the wisdom of veterinary science, I humbly submit the following: Harrumph.

I know Milo can’t go on forever. I know that expecting him to thrive indefinitely with an ever-growing kidney is…well, about as realistic as expecting my tinfoil hat to protect me from alien invaders.

But we already know that cats excel in several things. To name just a few, (1) Love, (2) Outrageousness and (3) Whupping the daylights out of grim diagnoses.

Milo thinking deep thoughts in the solariumMilo, PKD won’t be the first no-goodnik you’ve kept at bay. Tiny was no match for your outsized energy, and we mere human beans surrendered early on in the face of your determination to use the “people door,” not the silly cat ramp, to traipse between suite and solarium.

This mean disease doesn’t know who it’s messing with. So make us proud, big boy.

What am I saying? You already have.

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  1. Hang in there Milo, you are so loved!!! Thanks to the Tabby’s Place human beans for making Milo a happy boy no matter what. Hugs and purrs, Milo!

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