Ace’s place

Ace’s place

Ace in his forever homeFew things make me happier than sharing alumni news with you…especially news with (swoon) photos.

This week, we get to hear from the long, lanky tabby who waited a long time for his meant-to-be home: Ace. Mrs. Ace, thank you for a phenomenal update:

Ace, home sweet forever home“I just wanted to update you all on Ace’s progress. It is a month since we took him home. He is a really affectionate cat and is very well behaved.

At first, Ace spent alot of time alone at the top of three staircases and in hiding. We would all bring treats to him and pet him. He only purred four times in the second week. He has never hissed once since he’s been here.

One day my son and I were using the laser toy with Ace. He played somewhat with that laser light (he loves it now, even though he knows where the light is coming from). I had the treat bag in my hand and he heard the crinkling of it, so he followed me for more treats.

Happy, snoozy AceI then realized that the dispensing of these treats will get me everywhere with Ace. I put them where I wanted him to go. He now walks around freely and only runs occasionally when he hears an unfamiliar noise.

The other night he finally came up on the couch next to me to get his treat and let me pet him. He rolled on his back, gripped my arm, pulled it toward him and licked me. Now it is his ritual to come up next to me, get his massage and lick my arm. He even pats my arm with his paw for me to pet him some more. Ace is now testing to see if he can come onto my lap.

Ace in his placeAce enjoys killing insects, especially crickets; sleeping in the library loft some afternoons; listening to the woodpecker in the tree; and hanging out by the doors onto the deck where he is on constant watch for animals and insects.That is where he is right now, watching a squirrel. Ace doesn’t meow yet but he squeaks alot to make his presence known. His double-squeaks have the potential of rolling into a true meow.

Ace has come a long way for an extremely shy, scared cat. Now it seems he does not want to be alone. I think Ace is really enjoying his home and now knows it is all his. We are enjoying him and so happy that he came to live with us.”

Bye for now, AceWe are so happy that you gave this shy lovie the chance he needed, Mrs. Ace. From his feral fears to a crowded shelter, on to a sweet year at Tabby’s Place and ultimately into your arms, our little tabby was always meant to be your boy. Kisses to the Ace of hearts from all who adore him, at Tabby’s Place and beyond.

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  1. Mrs. Ace, thank you so much for your patience and love. Ace looks quite content in his new digs and the way you describe his actions, how he pull your hand and licks it, that’s just wonderful!!!!

  2. Angela, thanks for the write up, your e-mails and letter. Also, thanks to those that left replies. Ace has given us so much joy. We haven’t had a cat in 6 years and my sons really missed having one. Our previous cat lived to be 21 years old.

    The latest on Ace is that he finally meowed. I think it was to tell me that he smelled mouse in the garage. On Saturday night, Ace watched “Cats 101” on the Animal Planet Network. I could not believe this cat sat there attentive for an hour in front of the television and going up to paw the screen. He only broke for commecials to walk around since there were no cats on the screen. I could not believe it. After that there was “Dogs 101” which he totally ignored. It was the funniest thing. Well now Ace is “Inspector Ace” since he has to inspect everything. He guards the doors that need weather strippng replaced and kills any bug that crawls in. I never knew how many crickets I had until Ace came to live with us.

    I’ll keep you all updated on any developments. Thanks.

  3. I’m sorry but I think “OwnedByAce” is more appropriate! He sure has you all trained 😉
    Congrats on all of the progress you have made. Also, HUGE HAPPY smiles for your family.

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