Meet the ex-Community Cats, #1 (of 1): Milo

Meet the ex-Community Cats, #1 (of 1): Milo

Milo by DanielleHe was already a living legend for his colossal paws, but now the mighty Milo has a new claim to fame infamy.

The big guy with the enormous attitude has been…well, ex-Communi(ty)cated.

No, he isn’t the first domestic longhair in the history of the world to be accused of heresy. Not unless it’s heresy to beat up other cats – even frail, blind, and mentally challenged cats - with impunity. And to run like the devil for the front door each time it opens.Milo by Danielle

Hmm. On second thought, maybe Milo is some sort of ”heretic.”

Now, please don’t storm Tabby’s Place with flaming torches just yet. He may not be a Community Cat anymore, but our fluffy bruiser is still living the good exceptionally awesome life.

As far as Milo is concerned, not much has been lost in the move from the Lobby to Suite C. After all, he now has even more cats to chase and pummel. We just couldn’t tolerate his picking on the weak. I mean, there’s something more than a little wrong with beating up angel-hearted, eyeless Bellis, or on-her-own-mental-planet Yasmine. We can’t abide letting a big guy throw his weight around in that way.

But now Milo has someone his own size with whom to tangle: none other than Tiny. Historically, no cat tangles with Tiny. At least, not more than once. But our wild man Milo is happy to press his luck – again, and again, and again.

With roomies who aren’t daunted by his brash ways and colossal size, he’s become more circumspect. In Suite C, Milo seems to spend a tad more time circling and making Menacing Milo Faces than he does actually throwing punches.Milo by Danielle

But just a tad.

Then there’s the hobby that really put the kibosh on Milo’s wild ride in the Lobby: door-running.

Milo is far from the only cat ever to run for doors at Tabby’s Place. The unsinkable Erin was so adept at entering the Laundry Room that we essentially gave up on ever using the door between that room and the Lobby. Tashi and Mr. Grey both take giddy advantage of the open-door policy between the Lobby, Community Room and Jonathan’s office.

But the outside door to the Real World? Only Milo wanted that kind of adventure.

Not wanting our bad dude to unleash a reign of terror on Ringoes (and, honestly, not confident that we’d be able to stop him if he tried), we decided it was time to make Milo…an ex-Community Cat.

Milo by DanielleBut, again, Milo’s lost nothing in the move. The door between Suite C and the back hallway opens often enough, and you can bet there’s one king-sized, shaggy-haired, wild-eyed boy ready and waiting to bolt every single time. Mere felines may use the tube in the ceiling to go between the suite and the solarium, but Milo is above such silliness. No, it’s out the door, through the hall, and out the solarium door for the cat who makes his own rules.

Honestly? I’m as crazy about Milo as ever, and I love the way he makes life bend to his designs. He may be as crazy as a bedbug and as unpredictable as a neutron star, but our big guy is just fine in our book at Tabby’s Place.

And, of course, forever a colossal part of our community.

4 thoughts on “Meet the ex-Community Cats, #1 (of 1): Milo

  1. Milo is such a character! He was all luuvvvvv to me, but to attack poor Bellis or Yasmine, that’s just uncalled for. I’m sure someone will come along and scoop him up (preferably someone who doesn’t have any other cats) but in the mean time, I’m glad he’s at Tabby’s Place!

  2. Just like my boy Karl. I had to be SURE that my house had at least one way in where Karl couldn’t get outside. And as far as fighting cats that it isn’t wise to fight… I finally had to get a third cat who enjoyed wrestling.

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