Guest post: In memory of Yasmine

Guest post: In memory of Yasmine

img_1288This is the kind of post that wrecks and wracks a heart to write.

I am grateful beyond words that Yasmine‘s longtime love, volunteer Larry, took on the unenviable labor of love to write this goodbye. Thanks to Larry for his words and the first two photos of sweet Yasmine below.

picture-6851Our Girl Yasmine: Mystery or Miracle

“I have seen many amazing things in my lifetime. Mathematicians have changed the world. Yet with all that knowledge, man has not been able to discover the exact value of pi. My laptop has more power than the computer that was used to take us to the moon and back. Things now commonplace were not even dreamed about in my youth. We have come a long way, and have accomplished amazing things.

“Yet the thought of these accomplishments pales next to the memory of a small kitty named Yasmine.

picture-686“Our girl Yasmine lived at Tabby’s Place. I often thought of her as my girl. She was one of the great loves of my life. I now know that she did not belong to me, or to any of her people. We all belonged to Yasmine, and she always had time for us.

“On April 15, 2011, a group of Yasmine’s people gathered together to say farewell to our girl.

“You could describe Yasmine as a mystery and a miracle. She was both.

“The ability to love is a mystery. Loving Yasmine was also miracle in that it gave us a glimpse of the love of our Creator. Our love for her must have been our delight, because it hurt so much saying good-bye.

“Until we meet again, sweet girl.”

optimized-110204-yasmine-3Yasmine was not a cat we ever, ever expected to lose at Tabby’s Place. It’s not that we’re ever ready for any goodbye, or that there’s any cat who is easy to lose. But certain fixtures have an unspoken expiration date of “Never.” Yasmine was just such a soul, orbiting the Lobby in her slow, gentle, so-right way.

I take comfort in the fact that, on the deepest level, Yasmine’s expiration date is “Never.” There is no end for a soul so cherished by her Creator and by those blessed to share her orbit.

Thank you for loving her, Larry. Thank you for loving her, Tabby’s Place family. Thank you for gracing us with your goodness, beloved Yas.

8 thoughts on “Guest post: In memory of Yasmine

  1. Love, as Angela so beautifully expressed it, has NO expiration date. Larry, your love for this special little cat brings tears to my eyes. Yasmine was always one of my favorites and my heart hurts when I realize she won’t be waiting for us in the lobby anymore — but my heart soars when I realize that she will be waiting to greet us again someday. Rest in peace, wonderful little soul.

  2. I knew Yasmine before she came to Tabby’s Place, back in the days when she was in an overcrowded shelter and lived life caged, without much attention of any kind. Tabby’s Place took Yasmine in and gave her a real home, and more love than she could have ever known possible. I’m so thankful Tabby’s Place is there for all the Yasmines of the world. She got to live out her remaining years with dignity, respect and, of course, love.
    I will remember you always Yasmine and I’m so glad you were in my life. I love you and I miss you. xxxx

  3. Every time I’ve gone to Tabby’s Place, two cats have always been right there to greet me at the front door: Tashi and Yasmine. I will miss this sweet kitty lady, but I take comfort in knowing one day I’ll get to see her again at a different front door…

  4. Yasmine was the very first kitty to grab my heart the first time I visited Tabby’s Place. Her gentle soul and perpetual sweetness I have yet to see matched by any other cat. I will truly miss seeing her appear at my feet, head tilted to one side, quietly requesting a pat or a moment of company. Thank you Tabby’s Place for giving her a warm, comfortable place to live and be happy, surrounded by people who adore her, and for giving us the opportunity to be blessed with her graceful affection. I miss you, Yasmine. xoxo

  5. Yasmine was such an incredible little girl. So beautiful and full of love. She will be deeply missed. I stopped by today and it just wasn’t the same in the lobby without her 🙁

  6. RIP – Yasmine. As one of your sponsors we felt especially attached to you. I am glad that I did get to meet you once on one of my visits to N. J.

  7. Sweet Yasmine. Dearly missed.
    I am so glad she knew the love of the Tabby’s Place family.
    The lobby will never be the same for me.

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