Under the couch and dreaming

Under the couch and dreaming

Eloise under the couch...but not so dreamy in this pic.We presently have a litter of kittens named after members of the Dave Matthews Band, who would surely appreciate this post’s title – but it isn’t about them.

No, it’s about the way a terrified cat’s under-the-couch-time can be time well spent.

Dainty Eloise hasn’t seen fit to emerge from her subterranean lair just yet…but as you can see in this video, that doesn’t mean she isn’t making progress. In fact, it would seem Weezy is having a grand ol’ time down there…and learning about the best side of human beans, too.

Of course, we do hope that Weezy will be moving on up sooner than later. There’s a lot of world to explore beyond sub-couch in Adoption Room #3, and a lot – a lot – of love to experience beyond the hands that stretch under furniture.

Beautiful, darling EloiseBut, for now, Eloise is making her way in her own good time. And we’ll keep loving her at whatever level she likes best.

PS: Special thanks to volunteer and What A Good Cat scribe John for taking this video of Eloise - and for making Weez this happy!

PPS: Those Dave Matthews Band kittens? Yep, you will be hearing about them, too. After all, they were raised by the same uber-mom who fostered (all sigh together now)…Flora.

4 thoughts on “Under the couch and dreaming

  1. Look at those eyes! Even from under the sofa you can see what a cutie she is. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Eloise finds the perfect forever home!

  2. What an incredibly beautiful cat! Can’t wait to hear about her family. You can see from the video how much she wants to be loved…I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s out from under the couch by the time we’re all writing our blogs!

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