Sibling revelry

Sibling revelry

Chandler and Monica in the lobbyWhen you’re a teenage guy, it doesn’t exactly raise your “cool factor” to call your sister your BFF. But that doesn’t stop Chandler.

On the other hand, Monica is a bit more embarrassed about letting the world know how much she digs her twin bro.

Earlier this week, I spotted these cool kittens in a blissful, snoozy embrace.
At first, they had no idea the paparazzi had spotted their moment of family bonding:

Monica hearts Chandler
But then, Monica awoke…and saw that her secret was out:
Monica awakes!

For his part, Chandler was utterly unfazed at the prospect of these pics going public.
In fact, he upped the ante by giving his embarrassed sis a big kiss:
Chandler hearts Monica

As you can tell, this photographer knew better than to try to capture this family moment from inside the kittens’ suite. If Chandler and Monica – especially Monica – knew that they were being watched, the moment of extreeeeeeeeme cuteness would dissolve at once.

But “not allowing photography at close range” is generally not a deal-breaker for adoption. And, this dreamy duo has come a very long way in terms of letting folks love them. The lanky siblings came to Tabby’s Place some months ago, quite certain that there was nothing cool about human beans.

Monica & Chandler, BFFAlong with their very feral mama, Phoebe, the kittens were rather angry about being here. After all, they never asked to be plucked from the streets of Philadelphia. They had no fear of high-kill shelters, cars and cruel humans. They didn’t know what we knew about street life for a homeless cat.

Although Chandler and Monica were only a few weeks old, they were already street-smart enough to be leery of human beans. The meeker of the two, Chandler, would simply cringe when we pet him. But Monica took her job of human-bean-scaring very seriously. And, truth be told, she was quite successful. Even a cat who weighs two pounds can scare you quite effectively when she hisses, spits, pops and bites with abandon.

A sojourn in our ringworm quarantine area providentially gave Chandler and Monica just what they needed to begin trusting us. Living in a small crate, there were no distractions from the human fans who came to adore them throughout the day. While Monica was still not quite a lap baby, the attacks began to decline.

Beautiful, brainy MonicaChandler was fast approaching “lap baby” material by the time the pair cleared from quarantine. His darling calico sister, though still wild-eyed with worry, had forsaken her biting, scratching ways. Two months living in our lobby further educated Monica and Chandler in the fine art of “being adored by human beans,” and now they will both happily accept pets and affection. While Monica will likely always be the shier of the two, there is something utterly enchanting about this big-eyed, whip-smart beauty. I will confess that she has made it to my short list.

But my real dream for these adoring siblings is that their embrace never be interrupted. I have high hopes that they will find a forever home together. And, maybe, just maybe, someday we’ll see close-up, unashamed photos of their hugs. 🙂

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  1. Those little lovebugs DEFINITELY need to go to a forever home together. You just can’t resist the power of cat hugs with the whole leg draped over. Too adorable for words…

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