Viola during her Tabby's Place time
Ring the bells, round up the hounds and bring your pappy to the barn dance: it’s time for a blast from the past, of the Southern variety. There may be just one of the original eight still at Tabby’s Place, but today we hear bell(e)s ringing and rejoicing from Ringoes to Raleigh.


Later this week you’ll hear an echo of our Kentucky crew. But first, a little magnolia from West Virginia checked in from her forever home. Special thanks to Viola’s forever momma for letting me share her wise, warm words and Photos Of Extreme Cuteness here with you.

“I just wanted to drop a line and send an update about Viola, who I now just call Kitty. She seems very happy to be here and has become my little buddy. We have established a routine wherein I walk in the door, call her name, and she comes running from wherever she is in the house to greet me.

photo-23-300x2251“She is certainly earning her keep. We have some woods surrounding our house, and tend to get mice in the basement in the winter. Kitty is an absolute huntress and has captured many a mouse. Luckily, I have been able to intervene in time to release the mouse back into the wild…I can only hope at that point that they aren’t foolish enough to come back in.

“Kitty has been a joy to have, and she is living the dream.”

You’re a Yankee now, Kitty, but with all the charm of a forever belle. Dream on and live loved – we dig you more than pralines and sweet tea.

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