To pilfer the crown Julie

To pilfer the crown Julie

110513-julie-3The Royal Wedding: a big deal.

The hats worn at the Royal Wedding: an even bigger deal.

But true royalty? For that, you’ll have to come to the great metropolis of Ringoes, NJ.

110513-julie-2I’ll confess the whole “princess” phenomenon was a tad after my time. Sure, I spun around in tutus and wore sparkly things on my head as much as any red-blooded American girly-girl. But the emulation obsession mania for the “Disney princesses” eluded me – and I’m grateful. Why be a copy of a cartoon chick whose who doesn’t even need to be alive to get the guy, when instead you can be your very own brand of princess, the kind who dances badly and sings in Italian and catches frogs (and sometimes kisses them) and rescues cats?

Then again, if Disney had introduced a Princess Julie, I’d have been the first to buy all the officially trademarked products. Matter of fact, I still would – are you listening, Walt?

But before Disney can market Princess JulieTM, we have the original – the glittering, glorious, utterly girly original – right here Casa Tabby. And she is every inch a jewel.

110513-julie-4Even more than that, she’s a tortie – and you’ll know what I mean when I say she is every millimeter a tortie. The swagger, the moxie, the zest – she’s got it all in spades. Or maybe in diamonds. All torties are gorgeous, and all torties have orange flecks, but Julie’s flecks are magical flickers, almost like facets on her jewel-y self.

Then there’s that face: Julie’s mug is pointy, like a diamond, or an ice-cream cone (but sparklier and sweeter than either).

And doesn’t she know it. She’s a tortie, after all, so Julie’s ego is well-fed and…ah, robust. See how she centers her dainty self perfectly, on a cat-nappy in just the right colors to complement her flecks? That’s no concidence. I believe this is what you might call “working it.”

110513-julie-6But before you could even consider hating her because she’s beautiful, Julie disarms you with her real sparkle. This is no fainting princess who would use her looks to snag a prince (or a Greenie). No, what makes Her Pointiness a real paragon of beauty is her inner flecks and flickers. Julie is a love-bug (maybe a love-butterfly, given her beauty). If Julie were a holiday, she’s be Valentine’s Day. If she were a cookie, she’d be one of those oversized, frosted heart-shaped ones. If she were a movie, she’d be The Notebook. If she were a song, she’d be sung by Michael Buble.

Even more than Julie loves Julie, Julie loooooooooves love.

But maybe our princess’ two great affections – her self-love and her Big-Ben-sized heart for everyone else – aren’t unrelated. Matter of fact, I’d bet my tutu that Julie’s twin loves are no coincidence. Maybe it takes a tortie-esque self-confidence to truly love another. Maybe having a secure heart is the only way to love generously. Maybe Julie’s regal love comes from the fact that she knows she’s cherished…and she knows she’s been created awesome.

110513-julie-1It doesn’t take a prophet (sorry, Elijah) to know where this is all headed. Some AwesomeAdopter is going to pilfer our jewel, flickers and all, before we’ve had our fill of her love. This will be one of those “good goodbyes” that doesn’t feel entirely good.

But if Princess Julie, full of grace, has taught us anything, it’s this: love is, in fact, the beauty of the soul. Ringoes will forever be more beautiful for our visit from tortie royalty.

Late breaking PS: Julie now has her own video up at 🙂

8 thoughts on “To pilfer the crown Julie

  1. We Sunday volunteers were admiring the small touches of white in her coloring, as she danced around us at first meeting. We know she will not be gracing Tabby’s Place with her presence for very long….

  2. Is there a page for Julie? I don’t see her in the list of Adoptable Cats?

    Also, is there a way to change one’s password?

    I love reading your blog, Angela. And I am so glad there is a Tabby’s Place.

    1. Roxanne, thank you so much for your sweet words, and for being part of our cats’ lives all these years. 🙂

      Julie is so new, she doesn’t yet have an “adopt-me” page. (Since our staff is pretty tiny, we all wear a few different hats, so “feeding/medicating cats” tends to come before “setting up adopt-me pages.”) But, she will probably have one in the very near future, if she isn’t scooped up first.

      As for changing your password, I’m forwarding your comment along to Jonathan, as he is the wizard of all things technical at Tabby’s Place.

      Thanks again, Roxanne!

  3. Please update on the little orphan kitties if you have time!! We’d love to know how they are doing (if they’re still doing anything at all). Thanks so much for taking them in

  4. Angela,
    Julie reminds me so much of Pitzel who passed away last year. She could easily pass for Pitzel’s twin sister. The main reason I stick around the Tabby’s Place website is I can’t get enough of that tortietude(or any attitude from any other breed)! 1 more quick thing, Angela would you please tell Peachy, I haven’t forgotten she’s Queen of the Community Room as much as Rosa’s Queen of the Laundry Room @ Tabby’s Place West (aka Clowder House)

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