Elijah, Jambalaya, and one Big Giant Dork(TM)

Elijah, Jambalaya, and one Big Giant Dork(TM)

110513-elijah-51One black and white cat is not like another.

This would be true even if they were virtually indistinguishable (exhibit A: Scheherezade and company).

The real Elijah
The real Elijah

But when they look completely different, there is simply no excuse for mixing up two black-and-white loveys. No excuse, that is…except for being a Big Giant DorkTM.

Elijah, Jambalaya, and Felis Catus fam…please accept my apologies (and dorkitude) for mixing up our north Jersey black-and-white boys, and writing an entire post about Jambalaya (pictured in the thumbnail above) under the auspices of Elijah. (Not that Jambalaya isn’t also a perfectly good Old Testament prophet name, of course.) To someone who confirmed the rightness of my goof, and who shall remain unnamed except for the fact that his name may or may not rhyme with Ronathan, I say: you’re going down with me on this one! 😉

At least they aren’t both named Oreo.

Mea culpa! Me-a dork-a! Have a great weekend-a.

Special thanks to a staff member who shall remain unnamed, except for the fact that her name may or may not rhyme with Quarin, for delicately pointing out my blunder.

3 thoughts on “Elijah, Jambalaya, and one Big Giant Dork(TM)

  1. I hope the fuzzies don’t get wind of this — THEY’RE the ones you have to worry abuot! Elijah is an awesome cat — I’ve had the privilege of hugging him and he is superb, regardless of what his name is!!!!!!!

  2. Considering the fact that Tabby’s Place has about a zillion black and white kitties, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. The cats phoned and said they understand. 🙂

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