The Value Meal one year later

The Value Meal one year later

Wendy with Chili and his siblings (Chalupa, French Fry & Big Mac), one year agoNormally, I wouldn’t advise enjoying fast food after it’s been sitting out for a year.

But when the Value Meal in question is feline and phenomenal, how can we do anything other than adore it? Special thanks to AwesomeAdopter S. for this jubilant update on mama Wendy, her son Chili, and Chili’s “uncles” Purrcy and (fellow Tabby’s Place alum) Jesse.

Chili, then and now“The big news is my baby boy is no longer a baby!

That’s right, sweet little Chili celebrated his 1st birthday last week. He is such a wonderful, sweet, loving cat. As soon as I reach to pet him, he does a cute little head tilt in anticipation.

He remains hopelessly devoted to his momma, loves to wrestle and snuggle with his Uncle Jesse, and is waiting, mostly patiently, as Wendy wears down the reluctant Uncle Purccy (and slowly but surely he is FINALLY starting to accept his new siblings).

Wendy, with fellow Tabby's Place alum Jesse, in their forever homeChili’s favorite toys are Wendy’s tail and anything with a feather attached – the local bird population is quite pleased that Chili is, and will always be, indoors only 🙂 We play “the feather game” (feathers on the end of a “fishing pole”) every night before bed.

He’s such a smart boy, he knows when it’s time and prances about next to the toy’s storage location, suggesting that I move a little faster from time to time. Sometimes he catches the feathers and starts growling. I’m never quite sure whether he’s growling at the toy or the other cats to stay away.  

While Chili is quite the ham, Wendy does not like to even see the camera come out. I finally got a photo of her with Jesse. Chili

Chili has a new feather toy (I just can’t help myself, it’s so fun to watch him play!). The others looked at it and I think I heard them agree, ‘you take it, kid . . . let me know when she brings some fresh catnip.’ Guess I’ll add that to my shopping list!”

Thank you for loving this sweet quartet with so much joy, S. – you are our favorite kind of AwesomeAdopter.

PS to all other adopters (especially the families of the rest of the Value Meal, Chalupa, Big Mac & French Fry) – I would love to post your babies’ photos and news here, too. Please do send ’em on in and fill us with glee.

5 thoughts on “The Value Meal one year later

  1. Omigosh, I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Such a wonderful update. Thanks for sharing. Much love to S and her beautiful, furry family.

  2. That truly was a wonderful update, best of everything to S and it truly would be great to hear from the adopters of the rest of the family.

  3. The Value Meal looks like a Happy Meal to me! 🙂 It’s always great to see new cats and established cats meshing so well together in the same forever home. And Chili has turned out to be the spitting image of Mom Wendy! What a gorgeous boy he is!

  4. That’s what a little love and kindness can do, look what a beautiful cat he’s turned into! Thank you AwesomeAdopter S. for taking such good care of the Value Meal!!!

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