Tabby’s house of nuts

Tabby’s house of nuts

Mixed nuts that only WISH they were as cute as Cashew, Pistachio & AlmondJust when we thought Suite Marmalade was as orange as it gets, along came the nuts.

This litter of pale-orange jumping beans may live up to their nutty names, but I’ll take them over the tastiest snack any day of the week.

People have one of only three reactions to meeting The Nuts:
mixed-nuts-and-mixed-nuts1) Squealing with delight;
2) Gasping at the unprecedented cuteness;
3) Hitting the floor with a thud.

(OK, I have not yet seen anyone actually do #3. But it would be entirely appropriate.)

A world of words about The Nuts could never do them justice. So, I will let the following images from the Nuttiest Kookbook in America tell the story. Meet Cashew, Almond and Pistachio, as captured by their amazing, patient-as-Job foster mama Danielle:

L-R Pistachio, Almond & Cashew, captured by their amazing foster mama, Danielle

The Nuts are not without their secrets. Are they “light orange,” or are they “buff?”

Hungry nuts by DanielleAre they, perhaps, part hamster?

Some questions just don’t have answers.

But what was always too clear was that they wouldn’t be in our arms for long. Barely out of infancy, The Nuts are all now nestled in the arms of forever love. The only consolation for us human beans at Tabby’s Place is the fact that Cashew – although spoken for – doesn’t go home until Sunday.

You can bet we’re squeezing in as much playing and smooshing as humanly/felinely possible until then.

And, CashewFamily, may you never forget what a celebrity your little hamster/nut/kitten was at Tabby’s Place. He’s got every human bean and feline in Ringoes fascinated with his tiny self…even the one-and-only Chance. I don’t know that I would be able to believe this picture was real and unaltered if I hadn’t taken it myself: 

Two nuts, Cashew & Chance

I guess nuts have to stick together. 🙂

Cashew the Rock StarSigh! Have a nutty and splendid weekend.

7 thoughts on “Tabby’s house of nuts

  1. Who knew Chance had a soft spot for kittens??? 🙂 Then again, after meeting Cashew I’d have to say it would be darn near impossible not to like him!

  2. Chance and Cashew – such a striking resemblance to another famous Tabby’s Place pair – Tony (Giant Gumbo) and Gumbo (Tiny Tony)…………………………….

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