The Thai that binds

The Thai that binds

ThaiSometimes it all catches me off guard. All of a sudden, I’ll see a photo of one precious soul in his forever home, and it will hit me: This cat was a breath away from death. This love, this happiness, this meant-to-be family, almost didn’t happen. And I remember all over again that we get to do something very sacred at Tabby’s Place.

Suffice to say that Thai very nearly dodged a bullet (or, more to the point, a euthanasia needle) to get to Tabby’s Place, and on to his forever home. Just look at this seal-point Siamese angel’s eyes, read his family’s words and see if it doesn’t hit you too.

Thai“Dear Tabby’s Place,

Thai has been very happy since he came home. He has been eating well and using his litterbox. He enjoys pets, playing and family time.

Thai loves just being in the room where we are. He sleeps and watches us happily and loves being the center of attention. He even slept at the foot of my bed his first night home. I placed an old pair of pajama bottoms on the bed as if to tell him it’s his special place. He has been sleeping there almost every night.

Thai and friendsHe is liking short hugs and loves kisses on his head. He lets us hold him for almost a minute now before wanting to get put down. He purrs all the time.

During family movie night on Saturday, Thai plopped himself down in my husbands LAP and joyously slept while we watched Sherlock Homes! (BIG STEP I THINK!)

He comes when he’s called. He plays fetch (kind of!). Thai hops on his treat chair when he hears the bag crinkle, and he loves getting brushed, which has made his coat look so shiny and clean. He likes to look out all the windows at the birds and the chipmunks scampering about; his tail swats the screen in excitement while his little voice squeaks out MEOW!!!! Thai

Thai waits at the door when he hears us come home. He will yell MEEEOOOWW if he is not greeted properly (that is, many pets from head to tail and scratches under his chin, then a quick hug and kiss on
his head, followed by many more pets, and, of course, a complete conversation about your day)! Thai likes to TALK!!!

Thai is sleeping under my chair as I type this, and he looks so content. I want to thank (Tabby’s Place volunteer) M. especially. Under very difficult circumstances, she bravely suggested that we go see Thai. Thai

I can’t thank her enough, and all of you for trusting that we were the perfect home for him!! We are all delighted to have him as part of our family. He is getting tons of attention & much needed love.

I hope to have more pics soon. And as always, M. will get updated on a daily basis, whether she wants to hear about it or not, so just ask her how Thai is doing!! HA HA!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!”

ThaiThank you, Thai’d-Up-In-Love fam, for granting us this precious glimpse into a life well loved. Tales like Thai’s give me goosebumps. Sometimes Tabby’s Place becomes holy ground. Thank you for giving one very handsome cat the love of a lifetime.

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  1. Yay for happy Thai and his new forever family! He is absolutely gorgeous, and I especially love the pic of him in among all the stuffed animals (it reminds of that scene from E.T.). 🙂

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