The funky tuxedo finds forever

The funky tuxedo finds forever

Spike with his new MomThe time has come to end our sable-cat streak.

But I think we’ll all agree with Michael Jackson that when you’re talking ’bout this baby, it don’t matter if he’s black or white. Ah – make that black and white.

dscf0598As longtime Felis Catus readers know, Spike the funky tuxedo has seen his peaks and valleys in the last couple of years. The valleys included receiving the unfortunate and all-too-girly name “Spice,” and being returned by his adopter after 14 nanoseconds. Peaks (spikes?) included becoming the mighty Spike of Tabby’s Place and learning, ever-so-slowly, that we human beans were unlikely to maul him, eat him, or even dress him up like Mr. Peanut. (One of every cat’s fears, naturally. And Spike already has the tuxedo.)

Spike & Moonlight
Spike & Moonlight

But no Tabby’s Place triumph compares to the love life Spike is living today. For that tale, I turn to Spike himself – who writes even more beautifully than that monocled goober:

“To all my friends at Tabby’s Place,

 ”I wanted to send you a few photos of me in my new home. I have my own room with a sliding glass door to look out of (I keep track of the squirrels).

“The big dog, Pickles, can’t bother me there because of the gate, and when he is in his crate, I explore all over the house. I really love my room, though, and stay there even when I don’t have to.

dscf0599“Guess what? I have my very own basket! I don’t have to share it with anyone! Moonlight, who is 17, has his own cushion, and when he visits me in my room, he sleeps on the chair.

“I have had lots of head rubs, and I enjoy being brushed. My lady likes to hear me purr, so I’m cranking up the volume on that. She prefers that to when I try to catch her hand with my paws. I guess she’s too old for that game.

dscf0600“I’ll send more photos later. Maybe one of these days (or months…) there will be one of me with Pickles.

“I hope you all are well. I miss you, but I like it here.


Even without a monocle, I think it’s clear that Spike is the most urbane, cosmopolitan, and cherished gentleman ever to don a tuxedo. Spike, hugs, purrs and head-bonks to you, Moonlight and the elusive Pickles too.

8 thoughts on “The funky tuxedo finds forever

  1. Many happy and love filled years to you Spike and your new found forever family. I’m sure that we all would look forward to another picture update in the future.

  2. Go, Spikey! He is such a good boy, and definitely deserves the kind of forever home where he can have his own room and his own basket and plenty of loving furry/human friends all around. Plus, how cute is that photo with Spike and his new black-and-white buddy, Moonlight? They are like a perfect pair of kitty bookends. 🙂

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