Tara Talk guest post: Hakuna Matata

Tara Talk guest post: Hakuna Matata

Angela interjects: We — feline, human and otherwise — had hoped that volunteer Tara would write guest blog posts for Sweet Pea for a long, long time.

Our hopes were dashed on the sorrow of a too-short life.

But Tara’s love of the Tabby’s Place cats lives on, as does her wondrous way with words, so hope rises again. Only a heart as tender as Tara’s could take you deep into the jungly jive of Simba. That’s just what she’ll do in a series of posts starting today. Thank you, Tara, for taking a fancy for this fabulous, complicated cat, and stealing our hearts for his collection.

One of the very first faces youll see when you enter Suite B is handsome Simba, sitting proudly on his very own Pride Rock atop the crates. His beautiful amber eyes and sweet face will draw you in, only for his feisty paws to give you a swat if you reach too fast for that ginger fur.

This Lion King has not lived a no worries life, you see.

Simba came to Tabbys after a negative experience at a different shelter. Throw in a change of environment and a room full of big personalities (Leah, Swiffer and Faye are each individually enough personality to fill any room!), and youve got a recipe for a very anxious fella.

With time and the love of the staff and volunteers at Tabbys Place, sweet Simba has mellowed considerably from the ball of nerves and howls he was a year ago. (In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that Simba is one of my very favorite felines, and Ive spent many an hour earning his good will. I treasure every head butt.)

Simba still likes his perch atop the crates, where he can observe his suitemates from a safe distance, but hes started exploring the solarium. Now, Simba even lets Leah share his favorite spot on occasion!

As his worries melt away under the bright sun of our love, Simba is becoming an absolute sweetheart. Move too fast and you may still get a smack, but youll immediately get an apologetic head bonk, too. Hell show you his majestic ginger belly and tell you all about his day. Hes even been known to purr if you scratch his head just right.

Somewhere out there is Simbas perfect human. Someone who will let him be the lone lion of his kingdom, give him time to build trust, and never, ever scratch right above his tail. (Like, ever.)

That human will be rewarded with the unique love of a loyal and wonderful heart just waiting for his Hakuna Matata.

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  1. Tara! Thank you and thank you Tabby’s Place for putting you and Simba together. This is a beautiful post – full of new hope and love for Tabby’s Place cats to bring sunshine into the world. (Simba looks a lot like our Peanut) Thank you for loving Tabby’s Place!

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