Gratuitous cat photos: Kitten Shower 4.0 edition

Gratuitous cat photos: Kitten Shower 4.0 edition

I sure hope you didn’t reckon on fishin’ this weekend.

Sure, it’s flounder season and all. But the weather is wet and woolly, with wee ones more wondrous than all the ocean.


Tabby’s Place has been making it rain for four years now, and Kitten Shower #4 promises to be the best such bonanza in feline precipitation history. With over 35 kittens in our inventory, we are ready for an adorable extravaganza this Saturday. That’s one Kitten Shower & Adoption Event coming up, June 24th, from 12-4pm.

Just be advised: there is a high likelihood that you will arrive as a human being, and depart as a quivering puddle of goo. And it will be worth it.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a preview, some hors d’oeuvres, if you may, to ensure you’re up for the frenzied furry feast.

At this point, I should probably tell you that we’ll also offer reduced adoption fees for kittens ($50 rather than $135); free tours, questions answered by our Feline Behavioral Consultant; and scrumptious refreshments. I could, and I should, but I know your brain has now been reduced to a state of “GUH.” So why bother?

Just come. And get gooed up. The kittens are calling your name.

Skye will help evaluate your worthiness when it comes to her honeys.
Buffy, however, has already deemed you infinitely worthy.
Mr. Eko already got grabbed up, but he promises he is a reasonable facsimile of the cuteness level you can anticipate Saturday.
Lou is 100% Team You.


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  1. Lou! Lou! OMG I hope all these wonderful kitties find worthy homes. Hey – maybe an adult cat or two would also find forever homes. Would love to see Steven and Miriam find loving adopters. Have a wonderful weekend Tabby’s Place – my heart will be with you.

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