The swans

We humans are a fragile bunch. A day that starts in sunshine can take a sinister swerve for something as small as That Look from the boss, or a shirt that makes you look all muffin-toppy, or a replay of the MTV VMAs on the morning news. Cats have no such vulnerabilities.

Free to be Anneke

Maybe you’ve done things you aren’t proud of. Maybe you habitually use more paper towels than required for the task at hand. Maybe you spent all four years of high school pushing the sousaphone players around. Maybe you write nasty anonymous letters to Donald Trump. It’s okay. You are hereby liberated from the tyranny of […]

Swinging on a star

Cats, being thoroughly magical on their own merits, have no need of accessories like fairy dust or pixies or wands or wings. But if they had time for such things, Tinkerbell would be singing and swinging and making merry to the tuneful stylings of Jiminy Cricket right about now. When you wish upon a star, […]