Swinging on a star

Swinging on a star

110817-tinkerbell-6Cats, being thoroughly magical on their own merits, have no need of accessories like fairy dust or pixies or wands or wings.

But if they had time for such things, Tinkerbell would be singing and swinging and making merry to the tuneful stylings of Jiminy Cricket right about now. When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are…and all that jazz.

Tink casa forever. Photo courtesy of her new mama.
Tink casa forever. Photo courtesy of her new mama.

But don’t just take that jazz from me. Far better that you take it from our twinkliest, Tink-liest adopters. (Somebody out there hit me in the face for that one. With a marshmallow. But still, I deserved it.) Thus saith Tinkerbell’s AwesomeAdopter:

“Tinkerbell is wonderful. At this moment, she is sitting on E’s (daughter #1’s) lap, keeping a close eye on her hamster, Chibi. Tinker’s tail is swinging.

“She spent the weekend primarily in A’s (daughter #2’s) room. A returned home Thursday evening from school. She and Tinkerbell slept head to head.

“She is settled into our home. When we look for her, she is on a perch in the basement, on the kitchen table curled up next to the plant, on a rocker, under the chest on the top floor or in/under a bed.

“Tinkerbell had a grooming. All of her fur has been brushed and trimmed. Yes, she is sporting a Mohawk, lion cut. She was very cooperative during the grooming, which I did. She was purring by the end of her beauty treatment.

Tink shows off her new 'do, as lovingly done by her AwesomeAdopter.
Tink shows off her new 'do, as lovingly done by her AwesomeAdopter.

“She is soft and beautiful.

“Tinkerbell is very well adjusted and the girls love her, as does my husband. She approaches him and he touches her and talks to her.

“She is a diamond.”

And her family has only begun to see all of Tink’s facets.

Pardon me for taking liberties with Mr. Cricket’s original lyrics, but I believe the true situation here is that it makes no difference which magnificently long-haired female cat “of a certain age” you are. (You’re gonna have to scat that one to make it work, Jiminy. Or rap it. Yes, a rapping Jiminy Cricket. That’s exactly what we need. And if you now have When You Wish Upon a Star in your head, I am sorry.)

Thus saith you right about now: what on God’s green earth are you talking about?

I’m talking about Purple, people. That would be the long-haired lady cat “of a certain age” who replaced Tink in Adoption Room #3.

Purple in all her majesty, as taken by Mighty Mark.
Purple in all her majesty, as taken by Mighty Mark.

Part of the Patrick Delegation from North Jersey, Purple is every bit as irresistible as her wilder comrade. As befits her Prince-approved name, she’s a sultry snuggler who oozes glamour and reels in men/women/children/great mole rats with a single glowing gaze. (If you now have Purple Rain in your head, I am sorry. Truly.)

Purple is also the newest not-ready-for-the-rocking-chair rocker in our little old ladies’ suite, and the girls are getting along famously. Purple is just That Kind of Girl. Even if her new friends are…

  • weird (and they are)
  • the kind of “weird” that might blurt out things like “Hi! Let’s be friends! If you say the word ‘Belgium’ over and over and over it sounds funny! I like lint!” (and Posey is)
  • older than dinosaurs (and all the girls in Purple’s pad are)…

she loves them. As they are.

Adoption Room 3 has but one rule for admission: only diamonds need apply. And, like their former roomie Tinkerbell, they most assuredly are.

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  1. Tink’s “people” have found a little bit of heaven in this adoption! And the little old ladies’ suite is the best place to be on a day when you need some old-fashioned lovin’!!

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