Latepilogues: November 2016

Latepilogues: November 2016

It’s true, kittens.

We almost forgot to remember November.

Carrot nicely sums up how we all felt about November.
Carrot nicely sums up how we all felt about November.

Blame it on the election. Blame it on the blistering losses. Or, if you must be accurate, blame it on my being daft as a brush.

But whatever you do, try to remember that not all was lost in November:

Arrived: CK, Autumn, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Guy, Grommet, Giselle, Data, Beverly, Worf, Domino, Luellen, Tonka, Tivo, Roku, Seeso, Fire, Hamlet, Nyota, Sweet Pea, Ginger

Adopted: Tinkerbell; Talitha & Clover (together); Irene; Frank; Topeka; Spumoni; Fontina; Padme; Jake; Odetta; Data & Worf (together); Nanette; Pumpkin

Banished to Ringworm: Roku, Fire, Autumn, Cinnamon

Cleared from Quarantine: Coal, Mimi (no, not that Mimi), Sophia, Giselle, Domino, Luellen

Cleared from Ringworm: Randall

Promoted to the Lobby: Chloe, Trey

Promoted to the Community Room: Luellen

“I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS.” Yes, Sally…but that doesn’t mean you can come through the gate to Buccaville. Dona nobis pacem.

Demoted from the Community Room for acts of attempted multi-species genocide: Sally

Reinstated to the Community Room under the Ringoes Pact: Sally

Promoted to Heaven: Guy, Adelaide, Dawg, CK

Stuff We Learned: Mr. Rosenberg, do not tear down that wall. One tall baby gate is all that stands between peace and explosive violence; between gentleness and genocide; between the Bucca/Ella/Eekable kingdom and Sally. What 100,000,000 mg of Prozac could not do, the gate is doing. For now. Fear and trembling continue.

Yes, November had its inscrutables, its unmentionables and its unimaginables. The ache was as deep as the San Andreas Fault. But Decembers have a way of bringing hope, and miracles, and sturdy joy.

There is still beauty in this world.
There are movies starring The Rock.
There is gratuitous kindness.
There are 4,000-calorie gummy worms.
There are kittens named Worf, as in Worf, yes really (see top thumbnail).

So make way for the good, brave souls. Turn your lights on full strength. The darkness won’t understand, but neither will it overcome.

“Yes, I was adopted. Yes, I still appear on the website. I know, these humans are slow as molasses going uphill in January. We have to have patience with them.”

Housekeeping note: Youze guyze are the most vigilant, meticulous, observant detail-attending humans in the history of time. If an adopted cat is still listed as “adoptable” on our website, I can count on you to let me know immediately. Your loving concern knows no bounds, and I thank you. But, I wish to assure you that when this happens, that usually just means we’re going as fast as we can and haven’t had a chance to update the website yet. That is, the cat in question hasn’t been returned/rejected/catapulted into the abyss. We are just either doing more urgent things like medicating cats, raising money and eating 4,000-calorie gummy worms, or, on occasion, we haz a stoopid and forgot, but we’ll get to it. Thank you for your patience. XO

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