Sweet home NJ: 2 Southern kids adopted, 6 to go

Sweet home NJ: 2 Southern kids adopted, 6 to go

PacoWe knew it wouldn’t take long.

But already? Oh, Paco & Ashes, we hardly knew thee!

Yes, the first of the inimitable Kentucky kids have already flown the coop to homes of their own.

Sometimes you can tell right out of the gate that an adoption is going to be awesome. I had that feeling as soon as I met J. A huge grin overcame J’s face as he saw Mr. Grey amble through the lobby, and he eagerly asked, “oh, is that Serj?”Paco by Laura

The contagious grin attached to my face. “No, that’s Mr. Grey.”

“Oh, Mr. Grey!”

Of all the varieties of adopters, I think the “excited” species might be my favorite. And, oh, J was nothing if not excited.

“Are you interested in meeting Serj?” I asked.
“Oh, yes, and also Paco!”

It seems Paco had precisely the same initial reaction to J’s joyfulness as I did, because the two hit it off like lifelong friends. Actually, they are lifelong friends – a life of love just so happens to be ahead of them. Now that Paco is in his forever home and J is his forever family, that lifetime can begin in earnest.

Ashes, our lovable loudmouth, by DanielleEbullient Paco seems to have started a trend among our Kentucky cats, because he was barely out of the sanctuary before lovely, loud-mouthed little Ashes was securing a forever home of her own. With her huge personality (in a teensy wren-colored body), Ashes must be elated to find that she is the reigning and only feline in her new family. Ashes has always had a lot to say, so I have no doubt she’s getting her new mama all caught up on her life story right now.

If you’ve been following our Kentucky kids’ saga, you know that this leaves Halo, Penelope, Neena, Mystic, Serj and Bugsy still at Tabby’s Place. But, in this adoption derby, I’d bet the farm that we’ll soon be fresh-outta Kentucky cats. In fact, as I type, Bugsy is already “on hold” to be adopted with a very smitten new mama, and Penelope has just moved into a suite where her snow-whiteAshes shows her more serious side, by Danielle sweetness will get even more exposure and admiration. Can the rest of the Kentucky crew be far behind? It makes me want to go and squeesh each one of them a few extra times before they’re out of our lives – and into their own delightful destinies – forever. This must be a wee bit like what parents feel like seeing their college freshmen disappear into their dorms.

I know I’m not the only one at Tabby’s Place who loves having my heart dinged this way.

4 thoughts on “Sweet home NJ: 2 Southern kids adopted, 6 to go

  1. I’m so happy for both Ashes and Paco. Sounds like they’ve scored themselves wonderful forever homes. I’m delighted that Paco and his owner hit it off so famously. And who could resist sweet, chatty Ashes? I’ll be crossing my fingers that the rest of the Kentucky kitties find their forever homes soon.

  2. Fred and all my blog friends — we need a Kentucky YAAY Dance!! Isn’t this awesome? I am particularly grateful that Paco got adopted because now my temptation to steal him in the middle of the night has been thwarted!!!!!!!

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