Alum report: rumors of a remarkable life

Alum report: rumors of a remarkable life

RumorI love hearing from people who love cats. I love hearing about their cats, about the cats who first made them love cats, about how cat-loving and being-loved-by-cats has changed their lives, and about how they love the Tabby’s Place cats.

But one of the best kinds of cat-loving e-mails to grace my inbox is the kind that brings happy news about a Tabby’s Place alumna.

Carole, big-hearted adopter of Rumor, has kindly given me permission to share the e-mail that just made my day:

Dear Angela,


RumorI thought you would like an update of little Rumor.  She has definitely settled in and seems very happy.  She still loves running full speed through my house especially up and down the stairs.   She has tripped a few times during her runs but she flops, rolls and gets up to continue her run.  She certainly enjoys her runs.   There are times when she looks like she is bouncing when she runs.  I like to think that she is doing her happy dance.


She give the longest head bumps that I have ever experienced.   She will sit on the arm of the sofa next to me patiently awaiting her nightly ear tickles and back scratch.  If I do not immediately tickle her ears or give her a back scratch, she will give me a snort into my ear to get my attention.   It is amazing how much air comes out of her little nose.  When I am finished she will give me a head bump.  Instead of moving her head away from mine, she will leave her head against mine.  One time she actually took a quick nap during our head bump.  What a life!


I am so happy that she has bonded with me and Sammy.  There are times when she can’t immediately find me that she will cry until she sees me.   Then she looks very happy when she sees me.   


Dare I say it – Rumor has it that she is very happy now.


I do enjoy reading your blogs.   I see you have a lot of new cats/kittens.  


Take care and have a great day,


RumorDear ones, does it sound like Rumor’s smitten with her whole life, or what? Carole, thank you for giving this little love a happiness beyond her wildest dreams. We all cherish and miss her – but much more than that, we happy-dance for her, Sammy, and you.

5 thoughts on “Alum report: rumors of a remarkable life

  1. This is just the best story. Little Rumor got a wonderful chance at Tabby’s Place, was kept happy and socialized with so much love, and was then able to adapt to a new home so beautifully!

  2. It’s really great to read about this life that Rumor has found, bless you Carole for making her life complete, a wonderful sucess story. As for the running, we have a 3 year old cat that does the same thing, she will see you coming and get a wild look, then jump up and take off running. (P. S. it seems to happen more at full moon, anybody else notice that?)

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