Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Elliot’s Episodes # 13

Happy November, Dear Sponsors and Tabby’s Place Fans.!

Welcome to my latest episode…and do I have a lot to share with you.

Mary Anne came to visit me on a Monday.  And I am so glad she did because Monday in Suite B is the deep cleaning day.  Let me explain.  First, a group of volunteers comes into the suite with about a thousand cat carriers and gently puts each kitty into one for safekeeping.  Then they take them into another room or into the hallway because the entire suite has to be cleaned. They take out all the beds and crates—everything has to be out of the room.  Then they hose it down and use a special disinfectant to make sure every nook and cranny is clean.  After that, they dry it with towels to be sure all the water is gone.  Then they put in clean beds, blankies, litter pans, water bowls, and dry cat food bowls with the amount of food we need to stay svelte.  It is a long process.

So on this Monday when Mary Anne came, I was watching all this activity of putting cats in carriers from my lofty perch.  But guess what? I escaped being confined because one of the volunteers put me into the solarium so Mary Anne and I could visit.  I was so happy to be outside, but, I had to be on guard.  You see, I was in the solarium with Merriweather, Magda, Iris, and Sunflower.  You know kitties can be territorial at times. But all was well and we each had our own space.

Once I got settled into the solarium, I came over and sat next to Mary Anne and gave her hands and fingers some good washes and kitty kisses.  In return, I got a nice head and back rub, which I just loved.  Then I got restless.  I had to recheck each corner and found some kibble in a bowl, but I wasn’t interested at that moment.  I tried to run up the ramp, but Sunflower and Magda were on top.  So I just decided to bite the bullet and curl up on one of the cat trees.  It was nice since I could see Cherny’s Garden from my perch and watch the birds flying and the leaves falling.  Then I jumped down and found a cube which I knocked down.  It fell on my head and I crawled inside for a while while I washed my paws.

Since Mary Anne was still there with me, I hopped onto her notebook and sat on it.  She thought I was chewing the ends, but I was checking out what she had written (she helps me write my episodes, so I had to be sure that what she was writing was okay).  Then I chewed the ends of her purse and left some teeth marks.  I figured out it wasn’t food as it didn’t taste very good.

Once again, I settle into a high cat tree with a warm blankie to wait patiently for my return to Suite B and my usual daily activities.  Speaking of that, I have an update about the litter pan with the paper.  It didn’t work out, so the staff took it away.  So after the staff removed the litter pan, they decided to experiment with pee pads. BUT I found them and thought I would play with them—another idea bit the dust!

I also have to help maintain the books the staff uses to record kitty meds.  Some of my suitemates are on different meds for different conditions and life stages.  And, as a real bonus, I like to help the staff put down the paper that goes under the litter boxes, as I like the noise it makes—LOL!

But I am still busy exploring every inch of my suite and going in and out of all the cubes and up and down the ramp.  Maybe I should be a detective when I grow up.

Healthwise, I am just fine—loving life here at the sanctuary.  But since it is almost Thanksgiving, I want to be sure to tell you all that I am thankful for:

  • Being rescued and being taken in by Tabby’s Place
  • Having enough food in my kitty belly
  • Being warm and cozy in my suite with all my blankies and beds
  • Having kitties to play with and to sleep next to
  • Having so many volunteers and staff being my friends and making sure I am safe and sound
  • Having my buddy Mary Anne visit me and help me write my episodes.

I wish these things for all the kitties in the world…

So, dear sponsors, please come to visit us here at Tabby’s Place.   I would love to see and play with you.  And if you can’t come by, enjoy reading all my updates each month.  I am blessed to have you all supporting me.  Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

(With help from my correspondent, Mary Anne)`