Cherny’s Garden

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Venture behind Tabby’s Place, and you’ll find yourself on our Memorial Walkway. Follow a path of lovingly-engraved bricks to Cherny’s Garden, a contemplative and peaceful setting named for one of our earliest residents.

Cherny loved the outdoors. At 15, although she was incontinent and had cancer, Cherny had a zest for life that touched all who met her. Her death inspired us to create the garden in her honor.

Today, Cherny’s Garden is a beautiful tribute to all the cats we’ve loved and lost at Tabby’s Place. Any kitty who isn’t adopted finds a loving home for life with us, so we regularly nurture cats through their final days. Every Tabby’s Place cat who has passed has her ashes sprinkled in Cherny’s Garden and her name engraved on the post of a special purple marten house.

Each year, as spring triumphs over winter and flowers return to Cherny’s Garden, we remember the cats we’ve cherished together. We invite you to celebrate their lives with us in this treasured spot at Tabby’s Place.