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The Suites are the happy hub of Tabby’s Place. Here the majority of our cats enjoy wide open spaces, cage-free comfort, and ample ramps and cozy cubbies in which to play and dream. Each suite with the exception of the Kitten Room is connected to a sunny solarium.

Suite A hosts our cats with inflammatory bowel disease, incontinence, and other conditions that require a prescription diet. As you can imagine, Suite A gets cleaned especially often, keeping our residents healthy and comfortable. Despite their tummy troubles, these darling cats don’t feel badly for themselves, and they’ll make you feel like a million bucks with their happy antics and eager affection.

Wild, wonderful Suite B is home to our most confident, energetic cats. This cheerful crew enjoys plenty of playtime with staff and volunteers. Stop by Suite B for laughs, hijinks, and kitty cuddles for days.

Suite C is the land of the titans. As Tabby’s Place’s Weight Management Suite, this bright, open room is home to our most colossal cats. These chunky cuties enjoy — OK, tolerate — a restricted diet. But, don’t feel too badly for our feline dieters. They enjoy king-sized affection from staff, volunteers and visitors all day.

Our center suite is the Kitten Room at Tabby’s Place, and our littlest ones would love to meet you. This cheerful suite is outfitted with state-of-the-art cubbies made from starboard, for easy cleaning and the kittens’ comfort. Special bench seating makes this an especially inviting room for volunteers and visitors to spend time with our tiniest residents.

Beside the Kitten Room is Suite FIV,  one of the sweetest spots at Tabby’s Place. We can accommodate 10-12 cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) at any given time, and they delight in their own special suite. It’s consistently the case that our FIV+ crew includes some of the most affectionate, adorable cats we’ve ever cherished.