Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Elliot’s Episodes, #12

Happy Autumn, Dear Sponsors, and Tabby’s Place Lovers,

Well, Fall is upon us.  I can tell because the leaves outside are changing color, the heat is on in my Suite, and there are these little toys of different Fall colors on the floor for me and my buds, Cinnamon and Juel, to play with.  The toys are very lightweight and easy to bat around, so we play kitty soccer a lot.

Speaking of kitty soccer and running, I lost a bit of weight again.  But not to worry since I had gained some with all the good food with gravy that I was eating along with all the “samples” I found in all the other bowls.  And you know how I love to run from one end of the suite to the other to play.  So all this exercise has knocked off those extra pounds.  You know that one pound of gain or loss for a cat or dog is equivalent to 10 pounds in a hooman.  So it is best not to have too many pounds since feline obesity can be a real problem.

I am being my silly self and making the visitors, the volunteers, and the staff laugh a lot.  Maybe I should be a “stand-up” kitty comedian…   Hmmmm…   But that might not be a good idea as I love to pose on my back, especially on my ladder where I can survey the lobby and see all the action.  Last month I mentioned that it was like a big-screen TV.  And it continues to be that way with all the people and kitties moving about, getting food, playing with toys, being expressed, and getting IVs.  Wow, what a movie!

I’m a Rainbow!

This year I am dressing up for Halloween.  Since I am the silly boy in Suite B, I decided to be a rainbow with all the happy and bright and beautiful colors.  Don’t I look just grand?  Now, this is not to be confused with what I want to be when I grow up.  Halloween comes once a year and I can be a pretty rainbow for the day.  (do you think the staff will give me extra treats?  I sure do hope so!  Send some good vibes my way for treats…I will even do a trick to get some if I have to.)

As you know, I have a BFF, Cinnamon.  He and I are always playing.  But I found a new bud and his name is Juel.  Remember how I was having a problem using the litter box?  Well, guess what? Juel must be my brother from another mother since he has the same problem.  Juel likes to use paper towels and kitty blankies for his litter box.  And they are all over the suite.  So, the staff had to come up with an idea to solve this issue.

One of his favorite places to go potty was in a corner of the ramp.  That was a real no-no, as we have food bowls, water bowls, and lots of blankies and cat beds in different places on the ramp.  The staff (and they are so good at solving all of these issues) decided to put a litter box with some paper towels in it at that very place on the ramp which Juel favors.  I found it and decided it would be better used as one of my places to nap…Ha Ha!  I bet the staff never even in a million years imagined I would do that (I mentioned I was still my silly self and this is one more example).  Now the staff decided to put two litter boxes on the ramp—one for me and one for Juel.  Problem solved!

Halloween is coming and I am happy to be safe, warm, healthy, and happy inside the sanctuary.  I feel bad for all the feral kitties who might be in some danger from people who tease kitties and are not nice to them.  So if you see something, say something to make sure all the outside kitties are not harmed. As for me, I am going to curl up and watch all the festivities here at the sanctuary from my ladder in front of my “big screen TV window.”  If you can come to visit me, please do and look in all the suites for all the wonderful kitties we have here.  But don’t forget to come to Suite B and give me lots of love and pets.

Everyone, please enjoy the autumn months because winter is not far behind.

Love to all,
(With help from your correspondent, Mary Anne)