120702-crystal-cuteWith all apologies to Jordin Sparks, this post has nothing to do with the new diva movie.

It has everything, however, to do with a one-eyed diva cat.

During her brief stay at Tabby’s Place, Crystal was a firecracker who held her own in the jungle of Suite C. (Think Mae West meets Chupacabra.)

Crystal in her forever home. All photos are the kind courtesy of SparkleMa.
Crystal in her forever home. All photos are the kind courtesy of SparkleMa.

Happy as she was with us, Crystal was made for bigger dreams, so it was no surprise when she landed an especially sparkly forever home. What makes it so sparkly? Crystal doesn’t just have an AwesomeAdopter…she has an actual feline uncle. But don’t take it from me. SparkleMa, tell us the story:

“Just wanted to keep you updated on my baby girl Crystal!

“She now is really settled in! She sleeps on our bed now and will sit on my boyfriend’s lap while we eat. Sometimes she will take up a whole couch to herself! (Note from Angela: Crystal weighs approximately 0.2 ounces and would fit in a Cracker Jack box. Unless her family lives in a dollhouse, this couch-hogging feat is rather astonishing and excellent.) She’s got such a wonderful personality and meows whenever she doesn’t get her way!

Good stuff, yes? Almost sparkly stuff, even. But it would seem that Crystal was missing a certain something in her world. A certain…avuncular something.

imageAt the risk of recreating the song “I’m My Own Grandpa,” let’s see if we can connect some dots here: Crystal was adopted by SparkleMa. SparkleMa’s own (human) Ma also wanted a cat. SparkleGrandma fell for our big, bodacious Boo Boo and happily adopted him. This would make Boo Boo SparkleMa’s “brother.”

And so Crystal acquired an uncle. SparkleMa writes:

“Just wanted to give you another update on my crazy little girl crystal! She is doing great – she is so active and so loving. Crystal is always looking to play games with me and Adrian, and than she gets that side of her where she’ll cuddle with us on the couch or sleep in bed with Adrian when I go to work!

“She is eating like crazy and her skin allergies have really subsided! She loves her ringy balls and string! I had to cut the string of my pants, ‘cuz she’d play with them while I was sitting down.

Funky Uncle Boo Boo
Funky Uncle Boo Boo

“She’s too funny: when I work out, Crystal lays on the couch and yawns, and sometimes she’ll run in circles around me when I am doing a floor exercise! She really makes me happy and makes me laugh all the time!

“Adrian and I just adore her – she’s def part of our family!”

(That’s where things get avuncular.)

“Boo Boo is also doing well. My mom is moving to a new apartment, and he is getting a new bed and cage for the move. He seems like he is excited to go! He is very vocal and is def the king of my moms house! He’s also just a joy to have and a great addition to the family.”

“Attached are some pics of the two of them. I can never thank you enough again for letting me adopt Crystal! She definitely has changed my life and my boyfriend’s life! We absolutely adore her!”

A home. A (hopelessly, helplessly) smitten family. A realm where she’s “def” queen.

And an uncle Boo Boo too.

Sparkle much?

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