Song of the musketeer

Song of the musketeer

rutabagaThe wait is over; the rutabaga has been rutabaga’d.

And, yes, my little root vegetables: yesterday’s mystery miracle was D’Artagnan.

As it was told to his sponsors, so I now present to you his joyful swan song in two parts.

dartagnanjpgPart One: Tuesday, April 9 (as told by D’Art‘s beloved and besotted correspondent, Karen R)

Dearest D’Art lovers,

As you may know by now, our beloved little gray man has an admirer very, very interested in adopting him. This amazing woman is coming from Canada to meet both D’Artagnan and and Dot. She has a paraplegic kitten of her own, Princess, a.k.a. “Little Meow”, who could be D’Art’s new sister. We all rejoice for this potentially colossal blessing…but the thought of letting go of our beautiful boy is heartbreakingly hard.

I journeyed to Tabby’s recently, to spend time Velcro-ed to D’Artagnan. As always, he was happy to have one of his many human fans wrapped around him. He reached up at one point, with one paw on each side of my neck, in the perfect D’Art hug. I felt my own purrs of joy matching his, just to be holding this wonderful boy.

When we told Princess Dot about D’Art’s possible departure, she greeted the news with her characteristic seeming indifference. But, she allowed him closer and closer, to get her own bits of enjoyment from his constant adoration.

For his part, D’Art was a lover kitty during our last visit, leaving me with a dose of love that I’ll never forget. When I finally got up and let him go, I set him on the floor. I turned to leave, and looked back at him, and he did the same thing, at the same time. I took one more step and turned around, and he did the same thing again. And then, for a third and last time. Finally, I saw his tail, only, sticking out from under a chair, and Iknew it was time for me to go. Knowing D’Art’s incredible spirit is alive and well in the world is such a comfort, but I cannot imagine the Lobby without him. Or my life.

D'Art with his forever mama, as captured by Jane
D'Art with his forever mama, as captured by Jane

Should this be D’Art’s last column from Tabby’s, it has been my privilege to serve as his voice to all of you. On behalf of D’Artagnan, the mighty gray man, he sends you all his love, always and forever.

Part Two: Wednesday, April 10

It came true.

D’Artagnan’s dream is real. As I type this update, he is en route to his new home – and country! – with his beloved new mom. Just look at them them both beaming with delight.

Traveling 8+ hours from Ontario, D’Art’s new mom and little sister Princess arrived at Tabby’s Place today, hearts bursting with love. Happy hours raced by as the three of them played, loved and got to know one another. There was joy throughout the land.

And then it was time.

It was clear to see that D’Art’s heart was already singing O Canada!. His new Mom has a heart as big as the sky, and D’Art is fully smitten. We silly humans were a mess of tears and hugs and blubbering, but happy-hearted D’Art couldn’t understand all the fuss. His eyes were all splendorous as he passed from one goodbye hug to another. It’s as though he were mystified, wondering, isn’t this good news?

And of course it is.

D'Art with sister Princess, as taken by staff-Jess (not to be confused with volunteer-Jess: both Jesses, both awesome, yet not the same entity)
D'Art with sister Princess, as taken by staff-Jess (not to be confused with volunteer-Jess: both Jesses, both awesome, yet not the same entity)

I can anticipate that you may be worried about the Bacall to D’Art’s Bogie: Dot. As if to reassure us that she’ll carry on just marvelously, Dot made quick work of her own goodbye. It was an instant of nose-to-nose sweetness, then, in typical Dot fashion, a scoot directly into her “house” and away from him. Our independent little tabby woman will be just fine.

And D’Art? “Fine” doesn’t begin to describe it. Ah my friends and ooh my foes, I hope you’ll sit back and drink in the miracle you’ve been part of. It was only 10 months ago that D’Art was a wounded grey smidgen, languishing on the roadside. In the not-too-distant past, veterinarians said he would have no quality of life.

And now he has a life without limits.

In his new life, new love and new nation, our little Canadian will carry your love and faithfulness all of his happy days. Thank you from the depths of my heart for making this possible.


8 thoughts on “Song of the musketeer

  1. Last night my mom said that D’art was going to his forever home. She said she had this feeling. she showed me his picture a lot on the computer and said he was a little version of me. You are another lucky kitty thanks to tabbys place. be well and enjoy canada!!

  2. Oh boy, what can I say? This send off to D’Art is beautiful! Thanx Auntie Angela and Karen too!
    From one TP Special Needs kitty to another – Enjoy your new life, enjoy your new sister, and most importantly enjoy your new momma, she already loves you bunches!! Glad you had a safe trip “home”! Welcome to the world of Tabby’s Place Alumni, we’re a special bunch of kitties and we know it! Thanks Uncle Jon and ALL the wonderful Tabby’s Place staff for making another miracle happen!

  3. This is such a beautiful story. There is something so special about the love a special needs cat has to give, as well as their adopters. Cheers to D’Art and his happy new life ahead and new sister.

    P.S. Chickadee says hello, she is so full of awesomeness. :o)

  4. WONDERFUL! Wonderful! The little grey smidgen grew into movie star good looks – and now a happily ever after ending! And how wonderful to hear from Tabby’s Place Alumni Bagheera, Tashi, Gabriella, Bialy, Chickadee … wonderful news all around! Thank you Angela and Karen R. and Tabby’s Place all!

  5. Every time you think that Tabby’s Place has done just about all that can be done you people just raise up to an even more amazing level. Keep up he good work.

  6. Amazing! Simply Amazing! Yes those nay sayers all shall henceforth and with great henceness be silent forevermore! You go D’Art! Give our regards to the great North, the Mounties, etc., etc.
    I cannot wait for the follow up and to see him settled in!
    Thanks everyone!

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