PSI: Ringoes

PSI: Ringoes

psi_largePsi is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet.

Psi is a symbol for psychology, psychiatry, paranormal psychology, and Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And most of all, Psi is a cat of impossible coolness.

The infant Psi, as taken from her original Petfinder page
The infant Psi, as taken from her original Petfinder page

Psi‘s story started with a serious shortage of love. Born not-quite-right, Psi was abandoned by her mother in urban New Jersey. Around that time, the angels got on the case and started making up for lost love.

Love brought Psi to rescuers. Although they were over their heads in trying to care for her spina bifida, they did the best they could, and love made it enough.

Love made them stubbornly certain that Psi could and would have a good life.

Love splashed Psi on Facebook.

Colossal epic extraordinary love zinged a human heart all the way in Calgary, Alberta, whispering, Psi is YOURS.

Love relayed the tiny, tempest-tossed kitten 2,400 miles to the frozen north, into the arms of her new mum (who just so happens to also be mum to Tabby’s Place alumnus D’Artagnan).

Love waxed heroic as Psi’s mum attended to her needs.

Psi debuts at Tabby's Place
Psi debuts at Tabby's Place

Make no mistake: supernatural love was in order as Psi’s needs exceeded enormity. Psi’s particular case of spina bifida involved severe urogenital deformities (a la Dot). Keeping the wiggly black kitten healthy and comfortable grew increasingly difficult.

Love was faced with a choice of immeasurable pain.

Real love wants nothing more than the best of the beloved.
Sometimes loving means breaking your own heart.

And so love brought Psi all the way back to New Jersey, this time to Tabby’s Place. With Bagheera, Tashi, D’Artagnan, and Psi’s closest comparison, Dot, under our belts, we knew we could give Psi an unusual level of care.140310-psis-arrival-6

Not to mention love.

For Psi’s mum — who will always, always, always be her mum — this is a time of weeping and rejoicing. For Psi, this is the wide-eyed beginning of new love.

And for all of us, this is love in action.

More Psi soon. Love has only just begun.

3 thoughts on “PSI: Ringoes

  1. Oh Psi – I hope you gain good health and a comfortable life at Tabby’s Place. Everyone – there and on-line – loves you more than we can say.

  2. What a gorgeous little cat. My heart goes out to her mum because I know her mum’s heart is hurting, and I hope she can fill her heart and soul with love and grace knowing her act of love for Psi is amazing — this little cat is going to have a wonderful life! Thank you, mum, and thank you, Tabby’s Place!

  3. Bailey, if you are reading this:

    For what you have done already for special needs cats, you are a saint in the feline world. Tabby’s Place and its friends will be forever grateful for what you have done to help Psi.

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