Learning from history

Learning from history

130407-bath-time-for-tashi-gab-010They say that those who refuse to learn from history are destined to repeat it in summer school.

Tabby’s Place icon Tashi says that those who refuse to learn from history are destined to continue using the term “unadoptable.”

Those who do learn from history, however, are about to have a feast of delight.

Cleanliness is next to catliness for Gabriella. All photos courtesy of Tash & Gab's family.
Cleanliness is next to catliness for Gabriella. All photos courtesy of Tash & Gab's family.

I apologize in advance that I must be a tad cryptic today, but we don’t like to count our rutabagas until they’re rutabagaed at Tabby’s Place. You may have heard scuttlebutt that there’s an Epic Adoption in the works. You may have heard right. But until the little rutabaga in question is out the door, we’re not announcing anything officially.

In the meantime, though, a lesson from history – and a hint at what we hope to post about tomorrow. Feast your fancy on the latest from Tashi and Gabriella‘s family:

“I hope all of you have been well!

130407-bath-time-for-tashi-gab-012“Tashi is doing really well! Gabby is too! We recently got them new bath towels to dry off with, since they still loving getting their weekly baths! Tashi has a little duck towel and Gabby has a turtle towel.

“We like to continue with their baths since it keeps them nice and clean, but I must say they have been keeping quite clean themselves. They both love to groom each other. It’s so sweet to see. They lay near each other, and Gabby usually starts by inching over to Tashi and little by litle cleaning him all over. When she is done, Tashi does the same for her. Then they curl up and take a nap. It’s really precious! From time to time even our other cats, Sammy and Priscilla will join in and groom them too. They are two really clean cats!

“We mostly just love to see the continued love they all have for one another, which seems to get stronger and stronger all the time.”130407-bath-time-for-tashi-gab-003

You know what else gets stronger and stronger all the time? The conviction that “unadoptable cats” are about as real as “winged salamanders.”

It’s fine to play pretend. Feel free to dress up as an unadoptable cat or a winged salamander for Halloween. But we’re keeping it real at Tabby’s Place. And, following in Tashi and Gabby’s paraplegic footsteps, it’s about to get real.

130407-bath-time-for-tashi-gab-006Stay tuned, my little rutabagas.

PS to the peanut gallery: Of course you can always talk amongst yourselves in the comments. But I can neither confirm nor deny anything until (a) it happens and (b) we tell the appropriate sponsors that it happened. And if I’ve left you cataclysmically confused at this point, my apologies. Go have a rutabaga sundae on me.


9 thoughts on “Learning from history

  1. Peanut Gallery here – I’m sure I’m not the only one checking two or three times daily, waiting for official news. In the meantime, what a wonderful post, Angela! Little Tashi looks so healthy and happy, and isn’t Gabriella just angelically beautiful!

  2. (Happy tears all over!) So glad for the update on Gabby & Tashi. Blessings all over!! (Is it possible my sweet Dot is getting a forever home?!?!)

    1. You’re really close Mishale70, it’s D’artagnon who got lucky and got the furever home!!!
      (Sorry for spoilling the surprise, Angela, but since Mishale70 ?ed I felt I needed to tell them)

  3. Uncle Tashi!!!!!! Thank you Auntie Angela for the pictures of Uncle Tashi & Gabriella. I’m so happy that they love their new home so much!! There’s no such word as “unadoptable” when Tabby’s Place is part of the story. My momma told me who the mystery rutabaga is – she had to after she covered me in both happy & sad tears!!!! She told me it really was an another epic day at TP!!! We can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!! Momma promises to read it to me!! <3

  4. love the update on Tashi & Gabriela!!! The picture of Tashi with that duck towel is just too cute! Thank you to his adopters for sharing these with us 🙂

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