Showing their stripes

Showing their stripes

pillowYou could say the humans at Tabby’s Place are bleeding hearts. You wouldn’t be the first.

Bleeding hearts, softies, marshmallows – those titles are all true. There’s no use denying such things when you’re the kind of kooky humans who experience empathy for pillows.

Leroy casa forever, loving life with the Pillow Parents
Leroy casa forever, loving life with the Pillow Parents

Maybe it was inevitable. Spend enough time around cats who tickle your compassion-strings, and you’re bound to start getting your heart tweaked by all sorts of things. Wildebeests, naked mole rats, dogs even. And…pillows.

Or maybe anyone with a heart would’ve felt bad for these particular pillows. Get out your hankies, because it is a downright tragic story – we’re talking almost King Lear level (well, except nobody gets disowned or has their eyes gouged out while yelling “out, vile jelly!”, or…never mind). In the recent Catoberfest silent auction,  just about every item got some action. From the sublime to the ridiculous, there was something for everyone, and someone for everything.

Almost everything.

There were bids on teas and trinkets and flat-bottom tugboats (I am not making that up). There were bids on brownies and baseballs and eyelash extensions (nope, not making that one up, either). But there were no bids on the striped yellow pillow.

Don’t tell me you’re not starting to tear up just a little.

Leonard in his new home
Leonard in his new home

The cat toys got bids. The cat quilt got (many) bids. The trips got bids. But the striped yellow pillow languished, bidless, unloved and unwanted.

Even Edgar Allan Poe would find that too dark and tragic for his tales.

But Tabby’s Place is about happy endings for all species…even fabric ones. And so a very special and loving couple found it in their hearts to welcome the striped yellow pillow into their home.

But you didn’t really think this post was about a pillow, did you? As magic a moment as it was, the pillow was not the sweetest selection the couple made during Catoberfest. Having already proven their epic awesomeness by sponsoring Gabriella, the Pillow Parents showed their stripes by falling for the funniest tag-team since George and Gracie. They had stripes on their minds…and they were willing to take a swirl, too.

For all those who hoped and prayed that Leonard and Leroy wouldn’t be separated, your wish has been granted. That’s right: the Pillow Parents have adopted the kittens who finish one another’s sentences. Together.

Leonard + Leroy + forever home = huzzah!
Leonard + Leroy + forever home = huzzah!

As you can see from these photos, the boys are loving life in their new digs. As well they should – their parents have hearts as big as the sky. Hearts to sponsor a CH sweetheart. Hearts to adopt two almost-matching brothers.

Hearts big enough even for the striped yellow pillow.

*Special thanks to Tabby’s Place friend and Mittens sponsor JMC for these darling photos. It’s a small world, and JMC is a friend to the Pillow Parents, too. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Showing their stripes

  1. Awwwww. Woohoo for Leonard & Leroy!
    BTW, two things….One, I actually did think this was a post about a pillow, and I was feeling sad for the pillow, the same way I feel bad for those Christmas trees still standing there for sale on Christmas Eve and Two, I almost bid on that pillow! I tried for the dandelion pillows and thought that striped pillow would match, but, alas, the dandelion pillows were not to be mine. I’m glad the pillow found a home as well, or I would be finding a way to but the pillow today :-0

  2. I’m so glad these beautiful boys got adopted together! I’m also equally glad the striped yellow pillow got adopted. Striped yellow pillows often get overlooked at pillow sanctuaries, left behind in favor of plaid pillows and polka dot pillows and holiday-themed pillows. It’s just not fair. 🙂

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