glass-cat-collectiblesPeople collect all sorts of things.

Thimbles. Baseball cards. Statues of Frodo Baggins. Dust. Vintage hats.

Vintage cats.

Mia, as captured by volunteer JM (of fame).
Mia, as captured by volunteer JM (of fame).

No, I don’t know anyone who has a curio cabinet full of old folks at home. I do, however, know someone who has a small but stellar collection* of golden oldies.

This savvy soul, like many passionate collectors, only seeks out a very specific sort of treasure. (“Sorry, I’m only interested in oyster plates made between 1987 – 1992 on the north shore of the Susquehanna River.”) There are grand seniors everywhere – but our eagle-eyed collector is apparently only into a certain kind.

Her vintage of choice? Tabby’s Place old lady cats – from Adoption Room #3, to be precise.

In one day, this very special adopter has completely changed the makeup of the Golden Girls’ pad. But I shouldn’t use the word “special.” Someone who adopts one older cat is special. Someone who adopts two older cats is special with a dash of awesome.

But someone who throws her heart open to three senior catizens? Methinks the appropriate word is luminous. Or superb. Or maybe just…winning.

The never-speechless Abby
The never-speechless Abby

Apparently this GoldenAdopter had recently lost the last of her kitties, and was ready to love anew. Her main criteria? Someone harder-to-adopt…and easy to adore. This was most definitely our kind of human, looking with the eyes of the heart.

First she thought she’d go for a single senior feline. A noble goal indeed. Then she entered Adoption Room #3, and the old girls teamed up to shatter her modest intentions.

Mia made the first impression. Once a shy violet, our solid little tabby has gotten her bloom on. She rubbed GoldenAdopter’s legs with all her might, using her big round head as a battering ram of pure love. I can only imagine how happy it made her sisters, Lilac & Lola, to see from heaven as little sis “made good” and found a forever home.

Never one to be denied, Abby “The Mouth” made sure to get in her two eight hundred seventy cents. As best I can translate, her comments to GoldenAdopter were along the lines of “HELLO! HELLO! I LOVE YOU! ADOPT ME! I AM EQUIPPED WITH VOCAL CORDS! YES!” How can you resist a cat like that? Then there were two bound for glory in the GoldenAdopter household.

But three, they tell me, is a magic number…and leave it to GoldenAdopter to agree. There was one last little old lady for her – and I do mean little.

Little Jade
Little Jade

Since her arrival at Tabby’s Place, Jade has confused people into thinking she’s a kitten. Hovering around six pounds, our littlest old lady is all skinny legs and skittish sweetness. That’s no typo; Jade is equal parts skittish and snuggly. In the same conversation, she’ll run from you, run to you, look at you with terror, then throw herself upon you with gusto. She’s a bit of a mystery and a bunch of wonderful. Naturally, GoldenAdopter had to expand her vision to allow for three new family members.

But this trio’s tale is not quite concluded. As of this post, Mia and The Mouth are happily ensconced in their forever home, and doing beautifully. Whither little Jade? The plot thickens.


Jade, it turns out, is going to take a leetle longer to be ready for the journey homeward. She’s been on an antacid for quite some time now, to prevent her otherwise-frequent bouts of barfing. We’re working to gradually wean her off the antacid before she heads home. GoldenAdopter is happy to wait – she has all the time in the world.

Besides, the final piece of an epic collection is always worth waiting for.

*Disclaimer that I have to add even though you already know: Tabby’s Place does not, in any way, shape or form, condone the “collection”/hoarding etc. of cats or any animals. All mentions of “collecting” in this article are metaphorical and goofy only. Actually, we don’t condone collecting statues of Frodo Baggins, either, but that’s not our area.

*More interesting disclaimer: As in outer space, so in Adoption Room #3, nature abhors a vacuum…so we’ve already moved our newest senior catizen into the neighborhood. Look for more on Fiona in a future blog post. In the meantime, may her glamour shot be enough to tide you over.

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  1. Oh, happy day! Another person out there who understands the pure, unadulterated joy of senior cats — and THREE — YES!!!!!! She’s gotten the best of the best. I will miss my “sorority sisters” so much — but knowing they are in their forever home with acres and acres of love — PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh how exciting!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy for all 3 girls but especially Jade!! I remember when we met and she was so scared, and now she would come right up for attention. As always, Tabby’s Place does a kitty well 🙂

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