Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Nemo Found!

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Nemo Found!

The worst days and the best days are often one and the same, as Charles Dickens knew well.

The day that Nemo and I found a different way to spend time together was exactly that.

One gazillion percent.

On that whiplashing day, it was late afternoon when Roxy‘s music faded to heartbreaking silence. By the grace of all of the ways of Tabby’s Place, I was able to be with my beautiful, tortoiseshell friend as her final chimes on this plane gave way to peace.

Shortly after, a lucky few of us were introduced to a shining new gem. The little fluff of 5-week-old sooty sweetness and zest was a reminder of joy. This was especially true when, unprovoked (There were witnesses!), the kitten popped yours truly in the face with her tiny, soft boxing mitt.

The remainder of the day whooshed along towing magical moments in its wake.

  • A volunteer connected with Pickles over a food dish.
  • Wallaby followed me up a step ladder to verify my intentions and to sneeze on my leg.
  • Yuki followed me around the suite in order to garner extra attention.
  • Juel was especially enthusiastic with his head bumps and snuggles.
  • Shaggy got startled by Wallaby, which was hilarious, video worthy, and mildly concerning in equal parts.
  • Drummer rubbed his face against mine with a slightly damp, definitely slimy, and gross effect.
  • Wilbur proved once again that he is my bud.
  • Wilbur’s bud Carrot is sweeter than cake.
  • Sketch and Nemo both played muse.

And that brings us back to where I found Nemo on that long, tumultuous, Dickensian day.

It was nearly dinner time, a fact of utmost importance for a particular, creamsicle-colored cat. As I often do, I slowly entered the solarium to greet Magda, Iris, and Nemo, forever hopeful that their switches will flip, so they will be more comfortable with all of us humans.

Apparently, Nemo’s switch has started to wobble. There have been recent reports of others petting him. So, I reached out my hand and waited. Nemo delivered. A few rubs against my fingers and many more against a scratching post followed. Then, there was acceptance of head skritches and pets. That’s when I knew I had truly found Nemo. Although he is still cautious, with the right timing and pacing, Nemo is approachable and reachable. He is also, very definitely, chatty…especially at dinner time.

Hopefully soon, Nemo will expand his horizons (he’s already less glued to his mom Iris), allowing more people to pet him and at more varied times of the day. For now, though, in finding a time of day when Nemo is most open and accepting, I feel grateful. It’s like going fishing and finding unicorn seadragons. Someone in Lebanon fished out Nemo and helped get him to Tabby’s Place. Nemo has been with us a good while now, and we just keep on finding him all over again.

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