Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: My Heroes

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: My Heroes

It is no secret that my biggest heroes include our very own Jonathan and Sharon Rosenberg. Counted along with them are my husband, my boss, all the staff at Tabby’s Place, and the many, many volunteers who work with me or at different times, on similar or different shifts…you get the drift.

Sure, my heroes include a few scientists, a couple of teachers, a Nobel Prize winner or two, and some other interesting people. Yes, my heroes include brave individuals who fight the good fight for what they believe in. This isn’t about them. This is about you, and they can’t hold a candle to you, my heroes, our donors. You are the flame. This is about how your generosity has helped Tabby’s Place: A Cat Sanctuary continue to be a reality that, celebrating 20 years of successes, is expanding across time even as it has expanded in size.

Yes, this is about one magical donor, who helped ensure that Quinn’s Corner would become a reality. This is also about every single donor, who ensures the continuation of the mission in every way, small and big, every single day. My heroes are all of you. Whether you donate 87¢ a month, or you once sent in an $8,700.00 donation, whether you dropped off 3 cans of cat food last May or ensure repeated deliveries of wish list items, you are one of my heroes.

Your generous hearts, your loving kindness, your giving because you envision something bigger than any one of us and better than anything we ever before imagined – these are all things that make you so very special.

Because of your donations and your love, Sammy was able to enjoy the view of some peculiar entertainments when a photographer needed to take pictures inside the Quinn’s Corner lobby.

Because of your generosity, Lovebug, a member of the FeLV+ fold, was adopted so quickly that our heads are still spinning like the beak on a cartoon duck. Because of you, having a trifecta of troubles is trivial for Trifecta.

There is no need to demure. There should be no attempt to trivialize how grand it is that you care enough to share any part of what you have with the cats of Tabby’s Place.

You are heroic.

Because of you, cats like Tux have grown ripe with age and mellow with time. Because of you, the smallest of kittens has grown into one of our most beloved cats, one we can’t imagine being without.

Steven has lived the vast majority of his life at Tabby’s Place. This is his forever home. We are his forever family. Because of you, that was something we could do for a marmalade ball of floof that is now weighed down by his own years.

There is no need to be coy or shy or sad or worried. There is no need to consider different scenarios where things might have worked out differently.

Because of you, over 4,000 cats have lost the “less” and gained greater hope.

You made that happen.

You are my heroes. Thank you.

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