Epilogues: October 2023

Epilogues: October 2023

Oh, kittens. The situation is dire. The cats have called a special session of Tabby’s Place Parliament.

The issue at hand: whether they can forgive us for October 2023.

Taylor Ham is still processing the fact that we failed to bring him to a festival devoted to Taylor Ham.

We thought we did our best, really we did.

We celebrated twenty years of saving cats from hopeless situations. We grandly opened Quinn’s Corner. We welcomed five hundred of you — our cats’ favorite people of any species — to celebrate.

But we neglected our highest calling.

We failed to bring our residents to Porkrollpalooza. Not forty minutes from Tabby’s Place, dignitaries gathered to debate, admire, and consume great quantities of controversial meat product.

We are without excuse. The event, although international in scope, was held right here in New Jersey. Our cats command a fleet of strollers, ready for travel at a moment’s notice.

And if we were worried that the topic is just too divisive, we have cats on both sides of the aisle — Taylor Ham and Porkroll — to appease both North and South Jersey. (Tabby’s Place is the Garden State’s salty Switzerland, located smack dab in the center of the state. Like a dollop of mustard.)

S’mores. WAS. ADOPTED. BY. CAROLYN. October is redeemed.

We are prepared to live out our days unforgiven. But we are not prepared to stop loving our outraged overseers. For amid our dereliction of duty, October offered comings, goings, and squeeze-beef:

Arrived: Danimal, Morticia, Winifred, Casper, Freddy, Jason, Myrtle, Flatbush, DeKalb, Fulton, Bedford, Greenpoint, Adobo, Mara, Jampa, Amala, Dulcie, Hattie, Sylvia, Cheeks, Aslan, Dutchie, Cycles, Matthew, Perry, Bruno (and rest assured we DO talk about Bruno)

Adopted: Ice Spice & Beau (together); Freya & Blackberry (together); Cookie Monster; Rufio & Splinter (together); Muse & Weezer (together); Houdini; Nikki; Flick & Flack (together); Craig & Greg (together); Kilo; Sketch (YES SKETCH YES IN PERMANENT MARKER YES I AM YELLING); S’mores (YES THAT SMORES YES WITH OUR AMAZING BELOVED CAROLYN YES I AM DOING CARTWHEELS WHILST YELLING)

Returned: Sushi

Arnold hopes you enjoy his Halloween costume, “Hoodlum.” Arnold enjoys his costume so much, he shall wear it 365 days a year, even in years containing 364 days.

Promoted to the Community Room: Oasis; Marvin

Promoted to the Lobby: Buster

Promoted to Marcia and Jonathan’s Office: Arnold

Swiftly Demoted from Marcia and Jonathan’s Office for Crimes Against Felinity: Arnold

Promoted to Heaven: Winston (forever foster with the luminous Cendrine); Honey; Arthur; Aslan; Hattie; Beckett

Stuff We Learned: Cats come in all sizes. Life writes the rules of “compatibility.” You can strike out and still win the series.

Here’s hoping we can redeem ourselves in November. Send in the turkeys. (They’re already here.)

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