Merry and bright

Merry and bright

It’s Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve, so I’ll let my words be few:

Thank you.

No tangle of too-many words could truly express all this gratitude, kittens.

As that day of great wonder tumbles towards us, all of us at Tabby’s Place are speechless with awe: at the cats, at the miracles, at you who make it all happen.

You know who you are. And who you are is a mighty force of love.

You may donate hard-earned funds. You may scrub Suite A’s floors on your hands and knees. (For you, the canonization process has begun.) You may visit, hold skinny fur-bodies close and warm, pray from afar, care and marvel.

You are the stars that keep this Tabby’s Place sky aglow even when it is very dark. You are the Christmas miracles that don’t quit even when “sensible” minds would go home. You are the lovers that launch into the impossible, heart-first.

You are Christmas.

And we are, now and forever, something much more than “grateful” to you.

We’re family, you and us and the cats, and the bonds we have are everlasting.

This Christmas and every day, dear kittens, may you know how much you are cherished. Go forth and be the wonder that is you.

2 thoughts on “Merry and bright

  1. Thank you – love being family, you and us and the cats – it is a wonderful feeling. On Christmas when the cats can talk – I hope they whisper the names of beloved Tabby’s Place angel cats and beloved Tabby’s Place angel volunteers and adopters, as well as singing the praise of Jonathan and Angela and all the staff and volunteers and me, too. Because I love them.

  2. With affection to all of my extended Tabby’s Place family – thank you for being there through the sorrows and joys these past few years. I am humbled and thankful to be a part of your family.

    Merry Christmas!

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