Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Reception

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Reception

For those of us with, shall we say, enough years of experience, the first thing we think of when someone says, “Reception,” might have to do with tuning an old TV using rabbit ear antennas and tweaking with endless adjustments to get a clear picture. American football fans might think of fine-tuning their skills to catch a caught ball, for better or for worse (depends on which team you root for). CBers and ham radio operators might think of the effort it takes to tune into a channel that is clear enough for conversations over the long haul. While all reasonable perspectives, at Tabby’s Place “Reception” primarily means working at the front desk and receiving visitors (That’s in addition to myriad tasks far too myriad to extrapolate upon herein).

With the very best of intentions, several of the lobby cats offer their daily assistance to the receptionist on duty, full-time staffer and shining light Sharon bears the brunt of their “help.” Grecca, for one, howling her greetings (and her protestations against the ever-present, looming threat of extreme hunger), makes sure everyone feels welcome (most especially those who come with offerings of fish mush or crunchy treats or wet treats or baby food or, well, anything that might be delivered on a blue tray).

Meanwhile, ever at the ready to give and receive, Boobalah is very serious about supporting the receptionists by keeping laps warm and offering companionship. No one ever needs to work alone when Boobalah is on the job. Far from it! Boobalah is sweetly insistent that she be offered a hand up to settle in when she can’t quite muster anything more than the sleepy energy required to park paws on knees. That adorable face cannot be resisted. Don’t try it. No gauntlet. Just fact.

Never one to be left out of anything with the promise of adventure (Each people is an adventure!), Hips is certain to keep a watchful eye out, so he can climb into the arms (OY! That boy has much gravity, and it’s very serious!) and hearts of the unsuspecting. Upon receiving visitors, at the very first possible opportunity, Hips makes himself at home with one lucky individual. He is very generous with his love, too! Word to the wise, once he’s done with facial kisses (so so so very, very many), it’s best to wash that face.

Let’s just say that Hips is an attentive self-groomer and leave it at that.

Also attentive and very affectionate, Prescott is never one to shirk her responsibilities. Just think of all that she has accomplished for the Linda Fund, with some help from the Dazzling Development Team. As to reception, our lively little lady (Completely proper!) ensures wires are never crossed. She also performs regular tests of keyboard functionality, just to ensure that infrequently used keys remain operational (Lock switch on keyboard. Very important.). But, at the instant of their arrival, Prescott’s attention turns to welcoming newcomers and returning visitors with enthusiasm and hopes of some play time.

When, at last, the day is done, and after all that play and hard work, these dutiful receptionists turn their sights to tuning out and catching some ZZZZZZs.

Naps during the quiet parts of the day are all well and good, but when the lobby cats at Tabby’s Place have done their jobs and enjoyed their dinner, nothing compares to getting a good night’s sleep. After all, they need to be refreshed and ready to receive visitors each and every day.

Come by 12 to 5!

The doors will be open. They will be waiting for you!

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