Jasmine’s jolly new life

Jasmine’s jolly new life

JasmineBreaking (but not surprising) news: our most recent adoptee, Jasmine, is doing beautifully.

Added bonus: the “black and white widow”‘s courageous adopter is alive and well. 😉

Jasmine’s new mama, J., sent us these beautiful photos of our big, mellow girl in her new home. True to form, Jasmine has settled in immediately, and isn’t wasting one iota of unnecessary energy. (Jasmine’s motto: When in doubt, sleep. Or feign coma. Or sleep.)

Jasmine in her new homeJasmine joins fellow Tabby’s Place alums Parker and Heather in her new home. (Their own adoptions were big and glorious news in their day; they’re both excruciatingly shy, but J. loves them just the way they are.) Heather and Parker have, so far, only caught a glimpse of Jasmine, which was so exciting and terrifying that it caused them both to dash down the stairs in shock.

For her part, Jasmine is just loving her new life, scared little siblings notwithstanding. And, we are all loving seeing Jasmine well-loved!

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