How can we thank you?

How can we thank you?

How can we thank you enough, when your love is too lavish for words?

How can we thank you properly, when your passion for the cats has burst all bounds to save the fading and strengthen the weak?

Yes, kittens, you did it: you reached the Linda Fund goal…and not just any Linda Fund goal, but the largest-by-far in Tabby’s Place history, the kind of goal that was perhaps “foolish” by human standards.

The kind of goal that only you could attain, and all for the love of cats.

So how, tell me, am I to begin to thank you properly?

If I could give you a yacht, I would, but knowing you and me we’d make it a floating sanctuary (Tabby’s Place: Marine) for cats from hopeless aquatic situations.

If I could deliver every cat you’re saving to your door for a personal thank-you headbonk, I would, but I simply don’t have enough carriers.

If I could lavish you with lobster Florentine, I would, but the headbonk-ready cats I was delivering would probably eat it on the way.

So all I have are words, which are inadequate. Fortunately, I also have stellar volunteer Ruth’s exquisite photos, which are closer to the mark. Consider this sweet autumnal slideshow a joyful “thanks” for your splendorous generosity.

Thank you, dear ones. Thank you, more than all the words and songs can ever say.

Your love is life to cats, and we love you always!

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  1. You thank us every day – keep being Tabby’s Place, a place for cats to thrive with food and safety and love and – and kiss Steve and Miriam and all the cats for us!

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