Guest post: The eternal springtime of the contented cat

Guest post: The eternal springtime of the contented cat

As summer bakes us and steams us until we plead for mercy from its grip and for more air conditioning, we know there is a reprieve. We don’t even have to wait for the blissful cool of autumn to find the kind of cool that can bring us back to our heat-muddle senses.

I’m talking about one cool cat.

There is a special fellow from Suite C who is more hep than any jazzy hep cat that ever catted in the oh-so-cool ‘40s. There is this one cat whose white and black coat epitomizes the yin and the yang and the balance of it all. Too cool for school. I’ve said it about others. This time, it’s even more the truth than before, and it was the truth then, too.

Who is this so-much-more-than-cat cat, you wonder? Where can you find the chill you crave as the swelter of July melts into the slow burn of August? Well, you might know him as Licky McLickerson or Sir Licksalot, especially if you’re a regular reader of this blog or any of this author’s comments on the Tabby’s Place Facebook page.

Most likely, from said pages and other blogs, especially those by our dear editor, lead-writer, and Development Director, you know this soaring soul as Elijah. It isn’t every cat that can live up to and even, dare I say, surpass, the original when bearing the name of a prophet. Nor could most ride a metaphorical chariot in circles around said prophet. It isn’t every individual who gets to profit from face-to-face interactions with this marvelous basking cat of the solarium. Those who can are emblazoned with love indeed.

In his gentle, lolling way, Elijah exudes a fiery warmth. He’ll race you to the sun and back again, if only it means that he can win a few precious moments to give kisses and remind you that you are tasty. But, he’ll hold off on having you for dinner (though you may certainly feed him his, and thank you for doing so immediately!) if you’ll only provide enough tummy rubs and snuggles, but Elijah’s definition of “enough.”

Though a relaxed, calm cuddler of a kitty, Elijah will sere you with THOSE EYES. Yet, his flame is a nurturing one. His temperament is the opposite of the crashing waves of unpredictable seas. Even with his laidbackitdte, a moment with Elijah will pluck anyone out of mundane murk-dumb. He is a riot of love just waiting – very, very patiently, especially patiently, if Carrot is on one’s lap – for his turn to heap on the love and get some love in return, all the while bestowing requisite licks.

It might be summer outside. There could be hurricanes that spawn tornadoes. It is that season, after all. But in the Suite C solarium, it doesn’t matter. The cool comes through. And, Elijah stays cool through it all. Cool, beautiful, contented, in his eternal springtime. Spend some time with Elijah, and you will flourish and grow.

And, for a few minutes, you might forget that it’s hot outside.

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