Guest post: Insomnia

Guest post: Insomnia

I’d say, top o’ the morning to ya, but I don’t really know when that is, or if anyone ever really says that.

Anyway, it feels more like the bottom just now. Too early for much of anything, yet the sandman is elusive.

Olive napping in her nappie

Have you ever met a cat that cat that can’t sleep? Nor have I.

No tossing and turning for them, unless it’s tossing a toy…or dead something (once, sadly, a fluttering, dead yellow-bellied sap sucker)…or turning on a dime or in the air in pursuit of a laser beam, wand, or mosquito, or, or, or…the list goes on.

Point is, cats really know how to chill, whether it’s 98° or 9.8°. Wake a cat, intentionally or unintentionally, and that cat can fall back to sleep almost instantly. Move a cat (why on earth!?), and that cat will take half of a heartbeat (one of their shockingly fast ones) to get comfortable again.

If you are the rare Tabby’s Place follower who has never lived with cats, you might like to chat with Walter about our agreement. He agrees to not shred me when I disturb his slumber for a cuddle, and I promise (never once broken!) to put him back where I found him. Sleep, when wanted, reclaims Walter in a lazy blink of a cat’s eye.

Alumnae April and Blueberry

There are some notable nappers at Tabby’s Place — a few in nappies, to borrow a phrase.  What Tabby’s Place does not have is insomniacs. For one thing, cats don’t care about time. Sleeping during the day or at night is all the same to them. I wish the same were true for me.

I’m certain not a lone insomniac. So, whenever you’re wide awake at 5am after hitting the pillows at 12:30am, think of me being awake with you, and think of all of our marvelous feline friends who are either blissfully sound asleep or wide awake and loving it.

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