Guest post: Biblical proportions

Guest post: Biblical proportions

Joshua is a warrior.

The walls of Jericho have long since fallen, and the suite hallway is strictly off limits.

But, as a fighter, Joshua just keeps on trying.

As a cat and a ninja, he too-often succeeds in his escape attempts.

Fortunately, this Suite C-er takes it in stride, whether it be staff or volunteer who returns him to said suite or solarium. The achievement is everything. There is no ego. There is no resentment.

Once returned to his barracks (where else would a warrior thrive?), Joshua returns to the business of hanging with his pals and, he hopes, fellow combatants. There’s nothing like a nice tussle between friends after a jaunt into no-cats-land.

Wilbur is often ready to comply. Wilbur is, after all, a good soldier, a kind friend, and a great cat. Joshua approves.

Carrot and Elijah are absolute zero likely to entangle themselves in battles royale. Yet they, too, are brothers-in-paws, ready to fight the good fight. Ready to cat as cats can.

As others come and go with the ebb and flow, joining the ranks and leaving as the tides turn, these few have stayed the course through pandemic and reopening. They’ve trooped together into the now, Joshua bearing the standard.

He’s neither general nor sergeant, neither major nor colonel, but this IS his army.

The horn has been blown.

You all have been warned.

Joshua is a feisty warrior, and he’ll crumble the walls of even the most hardened heart.

Good luck with that.

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