tumblr_lm6pq3vuhm1qdvbl3o1_500Cats buck trends.

Cats beat trends.

Cats do not follow trends.

The greatest Gatsby
The greatest Gatsby

Sheep follow. Middle schoolers follow. Kardashians follow.

I say all of this by way of a disclaimer: Gatsby – as in the actual great one – is not jumping on the Great Gatsby film bandwagon. Nuh-uh. The movie looks great and important and stylish and sparkly. (Literally sparkly. Which means I will literally see it.) It’s by the same Baz Luhrmann who made Moulin Rouge and Strictly Ballroom and Romeo & Juliet so spectacular. (Not to be confused with other Baz Luhrmanns.) It’s sparking fashion frenzies from Rome to Ringoes, and if it’s successful enough we’ll all be dressing like flappers.

Because we humans do that. Even the humans who doth protest too much and swear we’ll never succumb to what’s in. Maybe especially those humans. We follow.

But cats do not.

The genuine great Gatsby is a true original, and he rightly suspects that Baz and company are jumping on his bandwagon.

Gatsby upstairs, Daisy - er, Charlotte - below.
Gatsby upstairs, Daisy - er, Charlotte - below.

As you’re about to hear from Gatsby’s Great Adopter, we can’t blame Baz. It’s a pretty irresistible bandwagon of bliss:

“Thank you for asking about my kids – here’s a long-overdue update. Gatsby and Charlotte are doing wonderfully. I’ve attached some pictures for your enjoyment.

“Gatsby is still a wild, energetic kitten. The first couple of weeks with me, he’d wake me up in the middle of the night, racing through the apartment. He is also very playful and could probably take the high jump medal in the Feline Olympics!

“Gatsby also has some interesting quirks. He likes to burrow and hide under things and loves to carry feather toys around in his mouth. He also likes to help decorate the apartment by removing his toys from the toy bin and distributing them around the rooms. Last, he’ll escort me to the bathroom and make sure I don’t get sucked down the drain. He is such a joy to have around.

“The biggest change since Gatsby’s arrival has involved Charlotte. She is much more playful and outgoing. Actually, I think she’s fascinated by Gatsby. Charlotte’s constantly following him around, checking out what he’s doing.p1090046

“Which leads me to the most exciting development. The three of us have developed a routine where they’ll put me to bed at night and help me wake up in the morning. Yes, I did say ‘they.’

“Here’s how it happens: I’ll get on the bed, and Gatsby will race in and jump up to be petted. Then, Charlotte gets in on the action, following Gatsby up to the bed with me and meowing grumpily if I don’t pet her enough. She purrs like a motor as soon as I start petting her and will circle around to come back for more. There have been times when I’m falling asleep and she’s still demanding more petting! Isn’t that amazing?

“The other exciting development is that I got to pet Charlotte for the first time in her carrier (normally she’s curled up in a ball and just wants me to go away). So, there’s been a lot of progress with her socialization, and I’m waiting the day when she’ll come onto the couch and snuggle.

pc200308“I’m sure people will be astounded to hear about Charlotte’s progress and Gatsby’s antics!”

 Ah yes – I neglected to mention that the greatest Gatsby has his own Daisy Buchanan in Charlotte. This is the same Charlotte, you may recall, who made her name as a true touch-me-not cat at Tabby’s Place. The Great Adopter earned that title when she let Charlotte steal her heart anyway…and proceeded to adore her on Charlotte’s own schedule. It would seem that schedule has moved into a very sweet season of snuggles.

And true greatness.

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  1. Sooo soooo happy for them! What a great pair of adoptions and thank you Gatsby’s Great Adopter for taking the time to allow Charlotte to come out of her shell!

  2. Thank you to the Great Adopter for sharing!!!! It warms my heart to hear how well they are both doing, but expecially Charlotte! 🙂

  3. This is great! How cute are they? And what a wonderful person who understands to let the cats come to her on their terms, when they are ready! This family has such a great future!

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