Gratuitous grateful cat photos #1

Gratuitous grateful cat photos #1

This is a marvelously mad mashed week.

This is a thoroughly turkified, Tofurkified week.

Accordingly, we shall pelt you not with prose, but with Gratuitous Cat Photos(TM).


For our first grateful gallery, gorge your eyes on giddy alumnae/i, from the sweet-like-a-candied-yam to the tangy-like-a-sriracha-squash:

Sunny (yes, that Sunny) has been adopted (yes, adopted). In an email with the subject line “Well adjusted” (yes, well adjusted), her AwesomeAdopters write:

“Here’s a first pic of Sunny relaxing at our house. … Sunny is talkative but seems more relaxed in a no cat environment. She’s so inquisitive! We’ll keep the pics coming. And again, thank you so much!”

Not sufficiently shocked? Behold Hank (yes, that Hank), loving life Casa Forever. His brave and smitten PhenomeFam writes:

“Hank is doing fine. After the first two weeks, he seemed to catch up with sleeping and roamed through all the rooms, and we established a routine surprisingly fast. …


“His behavior is very chill and relaxed, despite the fact we do not give him the behavioral medication anymore. … The biting, for which he was surrendered, is in fact a bit of an overly passionate variation of the cat love bite, which is not breaking skin. And, yes, he has a thing for biting and chewing, but definitely not in a destructive way; he totally gets into it during playtime, and we never observed him doing it anytime or anywhere else. …

“His curiosity is still very strong, although it seems strange for us humans to re-discover every room every day again (we jokingly talk about Cat-Alzheimers). His daily routine involves a patrol through every room (for mice, I guess) and when he is sure everything’s fine, his newest thing is to hide in the most unusual spots and take a nap. Just this Saturday, please visualize a standard kitchen counter with closed doors, but inside a cat in a box, chilling on a bag of potatoes. Yes, he opens the kitchen doors…


“He is indeed a clever cat, with a lot of stamina to get what and where he wants.”

But we’re not only into shiny new adoptions. Behold Her Serene Loveliness Lilly, nee Heather. Still smitten after twelve years, her Marvelous Mama writes:

“I wanted to send this photo of Lilly. I adopted her from Tabby’s Place back in 2005. Back then she was Heather at your place. And she had two little kittens that had neurological problems with their back legs. Lilly is still a very happy kitty. I love her! So I wanted to share this as another one of your success stories!”

But this wouldn’t be a Gratuitous Cat Photo post worthy of the name without wee ones. Check out one Churro, now fabulously adored Finster:

“Finster, aka Churro, loving his new home. He is an absolute love! So happy he chose us. And here’s Churro with big sister Noel.”

The good life: Finster and Noel are doin’ it right.

Warm and full for now, kittens? Good — just leave some room for an extra helping of happy and a different dish of gratitude, comin’ atcha tomorrow.

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  1. This is wonderful. This is a true gift for the heart. Happy, well loved kitties that Tabby’s Place allowed to have a second chance and to find forever love. Thank you Angela. Thank you awesome adopters. Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey and pumpkin pie for everyone!

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