Gratuitous grateful cat photos #2

Gratuitous grateful cat photos #2

Not every Thanksgiving turkey is made of bird.

Not every Thanksgiving meal ends with pumpkin pie.

And not every thankful cat includes “adoption” on her gratitude list.

So today we play gratuitous photographic tribute to those treasures still giving thanks for Tabby’s Place. The cats in this spread are still spending their holidays right here, cozy and cherished and rocking the last name Rosenberg.

Will they be adopted? Maybe.
Will they be grateful? Goodness, yes.
Will they be loved? To the utmost.

Happy Thanksgiving, kittens. Thank you for slathering your love on these lives like rivers of cranberry relish. As you get your feast on, know that we’re thanking you, and thanking God for you.

Thankful Vito volunteers his suggestion for a post-feast digestive posture.
Thankful Cleo repudiates all comparisons between her eyes and that ooky green bean casserole.
Thankful Rose looks like a marshmallow, but she much prefers her sweet potatoes au naturel.
Thankful Stella says the absence of an ear tip only accelerates her pace towards the turkey. (And yes, heavens yes, the kind that is made of bird.)
And thankful Goldeen reminds you: young, old, shivering at the Thanksgiving parade or rocking your sweatpants at home solo, stay gold. You are so very loved.

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  1. Thank you Tabby’s Place. Steven Rosenberg, Miriam Rosenberg and many others. If ever adopted or not, always loved, always cherished, safe and warm at Tabby’s Place.

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