GradyThis is just a quick post to ask you to please keep a good thought for our Grady this week.  We sent Grady for chest x-rays on Friday, after several staff and volunteers noticed him coughing.

 Here we thought he might have asthma (which is annoying but treatable) – and now it looks like he may have masses in his abdomen and lungs. (You can see Grady’s x-ray from Friday below, although this photo is too small to really be able to tell anything.)

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair. If any cat is ready for some good news, it’s our Grady. Before going to the rescue group that brought him to Tabby’s Place, Grady was in an abusive home. You’d never guess it. Although he has every reason to be angry, Grady is a marshmallow of a love bug (how’s that for mixed metaphors? Well, a cat this sweet deserves them all).

I’ll confess that, much as I try not to have favorites among the cats – a losing battle if there ever was one - Grady has been one of mine since he first arrived. He’s just so loving and gentle. Grady is even patient with Puzzle, a sweet but excruciatingly needy and neurotic cat in his suite.

Grady’s headed to the emergency vet tomorrow, and we should know more soon. Perhaps the 090227-grady-xraymasses are benign, or even shadows on the x-ray. Even if it is “the worst,” we’ve had inexplicable survivors of “terminal” diseases before. I know we haven’t seen our last miracle cat yet.

At any rate, please join me in hoping and praying that this sweet old boy will finally catch a break. I will keep you posted.

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  1. Whisker Kisses and Furry Hugs Grady Puss!
    Good health wishes sent to you during this trying time. Pumpkin and I hope it’s not as serious as it seems, but if it is then we hope that it is treatable.

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