Donny is Doing Great

Donny is Doing Great

imageresizeI should have written this update about Donny’s progress sooner, since it has been well over a week since he came back from surgery ([[Donny is Back from Surgery :-)|see entry]]). Donny was feeling a little punkish the first few days and he hated the bandage. In fact, he got so distressed over it that our vet had to cut parts of it awat until he settled down.

Since then, however, he has been doing wonderfully.  He is not in any pain and is having a great time playing with Tashi (through the cage bars) and playing in his cage.  Check out the video to see his progress. For a young cat confined to cage rest, he’s very well behaved.  I’m sure he must be bored, but he amuses himself quite well and is always happy for any attention.  He still has a good 1 1/2 -2  months of rest to go.  It is, admittedly hard to see him confined, but I keep reminding myself that it will greatly improve his quality of life. Keep a good though for little Donny.  I will keep you apprised of his progress.

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