Grady Update

Grady Update

GradyOh, Grady.

He’s made us love him since he first arrived, all the way from Virginia. And loving him is what we’ll be doing, with all we’ve got, for as long as we have him with us.

I am so saddened to report that the news from the specialist isn’t good. It looks like sweet Grady does, indeed, have a mass in his lungs. Denise, our Senior Vet Tech, tells me that this is a mean place for a tumor in a cat; pulmonary cancer tends to move quickly, and there’s little or nothing we can do in the way of treatment. We’ll be consulting our vet about possibly starting Grady on a steroid, but it’s likely he won’t be getting any medication at all.

My comfort is in knowing that Grady’s remaining time with us will be as sunny and sweet as can be. He’s coming home to us tonight, and we’ll be salving his sad news with a special perk – moving to our lobby. Our lobby cats, from feisty, quirky old Erin to gentle slow-moving vehicle Jasmine, get a 24-hour, “all you can eat buffet,” plus a steady stream of affection living in the heart of the sanctuary. I promise you that I’ll be spending lots of cuddle time with Grady in the lobby, and I know I’m not the only one.

I also take comfort and hope  from the fact that no scary medical pronouncement is ever certain. For proof, we have only to look as far as Dusty, diagnosed with untreatable, aggressive cancer in 4/08 and expected to die within weeks, or to Pepper, diagnosed with two aggressive forms of GI cancer in fall ’07 and not expected to last into 2008. Both of these sweethearts continue to survive and thrive. In fact, Pepper is plumper, happier and sassier than ever at age 16. We see miracles large and small all the time at Tabby’s Place, and it’s my deep hope that Grady will be kissed with a few of his own. Personally, I hope that Grady becomes President of the Dusty & Pepper Society for Disease Defying.

Whatever lies ahead on his journey, Grady will be precious to us for each one of his days. Thank you for continuing to keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and I will keep you posted on our sweet boy.

2 thoughts on “Grady Update

  1. I am so sorry to hear of Grady Puss’ final diagnosis. Having raised 4 cats from kittenhood through 12-20 years of their lives my experience with ailing cats shows me in agreement with the amount of time left on a cat’s life after a fatal diagnosis is often to be taken with some caution. If you know your cat’s habits and idiosyncrasies they will certainly let you know when the end is near. I find that if you don’t deviate from their routine, but increase the love, attention, spoiling (catnip/cat grass, cooked ground chicken/lamb treats, etc) and anything that reduces their allergenic reactions to their food or environment works wonders in making them more comfortable thereby sustaining them longer than the final diagnosis.

    Grady Puss is in a wonderful environment where there is guaranteed love and spoiling. Pumpkin and I send you healthful wishes with lots of whisker kisses and furry hugs. We will make a donation to help him along his way.

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