Nuttin dethroned

Nuttin dethroned

NuttinBreaking news: Nuttin is devastatingly handsome.

Or at least he no longer holds the title of “ugliest cat in the world.”

Not that there are any truly ugly cats, of course - but there are different kinds of, uh, beauty, and Nuttin’s is unique to say the least. Alternately called a battle ax, a tank, and simply “the ugliest cat in the world” (not by me, of course!), the scabby, stout, FIV+, diabetic Nuttin has never lacked for admirers…just not admirers of his sparkling beauty.18814254_240x180

But beauty is relative, and today I’m thinking Nuttin is dazzlingly handsome after all. Take a look at Bat Boy and see if you don’t agree that Nuttin suddenly looks a whole lot better.

Now he might not be my first choice to win over a non-cat-loving friend, but personally I find Bat Boy kind of, well, charming.

That ruff of fluff around his neck reminds me a bit of the academic collar sported by my old professors at Convocation and Commencement ceremonies.Academic ruff of fluff Maybe Professor Bat Boy is equally as proud of his collar?

At any rate, Bat Boy’s comfortable in his own scaly skin. I say, let your freak flag fly, Bat Boy. I’m glad his humans love him just the way he is.

Just the way we love our Nuttin. 🙂

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